World of Warcraft

How to Get WoW’s Brewfest Mounts (2023)

Brewfest, the beloved annual event in the World of Warcraft, has returned with a refreshing twist. Amidst the revelry and celebrations, there’s an opportunity for avid collectors and adventurers to acquire two coveted mounts: the Great Brewfest Kodo and the Swift Brewfest Ram. These majestic rides are highly sought after, adding a touch of uniqueness to your in-game experience. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details on how you can obtain these remarkable mounts during the 2023 Brewfest event.

Acquiring the Great Brewfest Kodo and Swift Brewfest Ram

To embark on your journey to obtain these exclusive mounts, you’ll need to take on the formidable Coren Direbrew. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how you can secure the Great Brewfest Kodo and the Swift Brewfest Ram:

  1. Queue for Coren Direbrew: Use the Group Finder tool to locate Coren Direbrew’s lair. By queuing for the encounter, you’ll be one step closer to obtaining your desired mount.

  2. Defeat Coren Direbrew: Engage in a thrilling battle against Coren Direbrew and his minions. Coordinate with your group members to overcome the challenges and emerge victorious in this encounter.

  3. Claim the Epic Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest: Once you’ve triumphed over Coren Direbrew, you’ll have a chance to loot the Epic Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest. This chest contains various valuable rewards, including the Great Brewfest Kodo and the Swift Brewfest Ram mounts.

  4. Increase Your Chances: The drop chance for these mounts is approximately 3%. To maximize your chances of obtaining them, consider making multiple attempts each day using alternate characters. Remember, you can only take a shot at the mounts from the Epic (purple-titled) chest, which is available once per day, per character.

Strategies to Optimize Your Brewfest Mount Farming

Obtaining these exceptional Brewfest mounts requires dedication and a strategic approach. Here are a few additional tips to optimize your farming efforts:

  1. Leverage Alternate Characters: If you have multiple characters in World of Warcraft, make use of them to increase your chances of acquiring the Great Brewfest Kodo and the Swift Brewfest Ram. By running the Coren Direbrew encounter on different characters daily, you enhance the overall probability of obtaining these rare mounts.

  2. Coordinate with Fellow Players: Team up with friends or guildmates who share your goal of obtaining the Brewfest mounts. By coordinating your attempts and running the encounter together, you can support each other and potentially increase your chances of success.

  3. Chest Sharing: In some groups, players may agree to share the looted chest if someone else receives the desired mount. This approach fosters a sense of camaraderie and fairness within the community.

  4. Additional Brewfest Rewards: While your primary focus may be on obtaining the Great Brewfest Kodo and the Swift Brewfest Ram, don’t overlook the other enticing rewards available during the Brewfest event. Participating in various activities and completing quests can earn you Brewfest Tokens, which can be exchanged for a wide range of consumables, pets, and cosmetic items.

Unleash the Brewfest Magic

Brewfest is not just about mounts; it’s an immersive celebration of everything beer-related in World of Warcraft. Embrace the festive atmosphere and explore all that Brewfest has to offer:

  • Partake in the Ram Racing: Test your riding skills in the famous Ram Racing event. Hop on a trusty Brewfest Ram and race against other players, completing laps as quickly as possible. The faster you go, the more Brewfest Tokens you can earn.

  • Complete Daily Brewfest Quests: Engage in various daily quests offered throughout the event. These quests provide opportunities to earn additional Brewfest Tokens, experience exciting activities, and uncover hidden treasures.

  • Enjoy the Brews: Brewfest wouldn’t be complete without its wide array of beverages. Sample different brews, both non-alcoholic and traditionally crafted, and join in the festivities with your fellow players.

  • Cosmetic Brewfest Attire: Dress up for the occasion with unique Brewfest-themed attire and accessories. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Brewfest and stand out from the crowd with your stylish ensemble.

The Brewfest event in World of Warcraft is a beloved annual celebration that offers a plethora of exciting activities, quests, and rewards for players to enjoy. If you’re an avid mount collector or simply want to enhance your in-game experience, don’t miss the chance to obtain the Great Brewfest Kodo and the Swift Brewfest Ram during the 2023 Brewfest event. Remember to strategize, make multiple attempts, and embrace the festive atmosphere as you embark on your journey to acquire these remarkable mounts. Cheers to Brewfest and may the luck of the draught be with you!