Should You Use the Parade Master’s Rare Ergo in Lies of P? - Answered

After beating the first big roadblock in Lies of P, players are rewarded with a fascinating item: the Parade Master’s Rare Ergo. This unique item instantly grants players 5000 Ergo, which is undoubtedly a tempting proposition. However, before hastily consuming this rare Ergo, it is essential to understand its true value and consider the long-term consequences.

Why You Should Keep the Rare Ergo

As enticing as the immediate currency boost may seem, it is strongly advised to resist the temptation and hold on to the Rare Ergo instead. These exceptional pieces of Ergo, exclusively earned from defeating bosses, hold immense value in the game. They can be later traded for special weapons and Amulets, providing players with substantial advantages and enhancing their gameplay experience.

One crucial aspect to bear in mind is that these special Ergo can only be obtained once per playthrough. Once consumed, the opportunity to acquire these unique weapons or amulets is permanently lost. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and refrain from instantly cracking open the Rare Ergo, as doing so may result in missing out on powerful gear that could significantly aid in progressing through Lies of P.

Maximizing Your Gameplay Potential

Retaining the Rare Ergo until a later stage in the game presents players with a strategic advantage. The weapons and amulets available in exchange for these special Ergo possess exceptional attributes that can greatly enhance combat effectiveness and character abilities.

Investing in these exclusive items can level the playing field against formidable enemies or provide crucial boosts when facing challenging quests. By accumulating enough of these Rare Ergo, players can even access top-tier weapons and unlock new possibilities for character customization.

The Thrill of Collecting

Part of the appeal of Lies of P lies in the thrill of exploration and collecting unique items. By keeping the Rare Ergo, players can revel in the satisfaction of obtaining rare and coveted weapons or amulets. These collectibles not only serve as powerful assets in battle but also add depth and excitement to the gaming experience.

Additionally, holding onto the Rare Ergo allows for greater flexibility in decision-making. As new challenges arise and gameplay dynamics evolve, players can assess their progress and determine the optimal moment to trade the Rare Ergo for the specific weapon or amulet that best suits their playstyle and current needs.