World of Warcraft

Mounts in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery: Unlocking Your Trusty Steed

The World of Warcraft Season of Discovery servers have taken players back in time, re-releasing the older version of the game and bringing about a sense of nostalgia. But as players venture into this bronze age, a burning question arises – can they obtain mounts to ease their journey through Azeroth?

Are Mounts Available in Season of Discovery?

In short, the answer is no, not yet. While mounts will indeed be available to players in the Season of Discovery (SoD) servers, they won’t make an appearance until we reach Phase 2 and the level cap is increased to 40. This mirrors the progression seen in the original Vanilla WoW, where players were able to acquire their first mount at this level. Until then, adventurers will have no choice but to traverse the vast lands on foot.

The Long Road Ahead

As players dive into the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery, they will find themselves retreading the paths taken in the earlier versions of the game. This means embracing the long and arduous journey to reach Level 40 before mounting up becomes a reality. While it may seem laborious, there’s a certain charm in experiencing the game as it was originally intended, reliving the challenges faced by early adventurers.

Patience and Perseverance Rewarded

Although the inability to ride a mount from the start may feel like a setback, it holds true to the spirit of the original game. In Vanilla WoW, earning a mount was an achievement that required dedication, perseverance, and accumulated wealth – it was a symbol of progress. By adhering to this approach in the Season of Discovery servers, Blizzard Entertainment aims to stay true to the roots of the game and provide an authentic experience.

Preparing for the Mount Journey

While the arrival of mounts in Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery may seem distant, it’s never too early to start preparing. Here are a few steps to lay the groundwork for your eventual mount acquisition:

1. Save Up Gold: Mounts don’t come cheap, and having enough gold will be essential when the time comes. Take advantage of your time traversing Azeroth on foot to accumulate wealth. Complete quests, gather resources, and sell valuable items to steadily increase your gold reserves.

2. Level Efficiently: Focus on leveling up efficiently to reach Level 40 as soon as possible. Choose optimal leveling routes, group up for quests, and take advantage of experience point bonuses whenever available. The quicker you reach the required level, the sooner you’ll be able to ride in style.

3. Master Professions: Maximize your gathering and crafting professions to generate additional income. Gathering professions like Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning can provide valuable resources that can be sold for gold. Crafting professions, on the other hand, allow you to create items that could be in high demand among players, offering another means of accumulating wealth.

4. Join a Guild: Being part of an active and supportive guild can enhance your leveling and gold-making experience. Guild members can offer guidance, share resources, and even assist with challenging quests or dungeons. The collective knowledge and assistance within a guild can prove invaluable on your mount journey.

The Sweet Taste of Victory

Once you’ve reached Level 40 and acquired the necessary funds, you’ll finally be able to obtain your first mount in the Season of Discovery servers. While it may have been a long and challenging road, the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment upon mounting up for the first time will make it all worthwhile.

While the answer to the availability of mounts in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery may be disappointing at first, the delayed gratification adds an element of nostalgia and challenge to the game. Embrace the journey, persevere through the initial stages, and make the most of this opportunity to experience the game as it was initially intended. Your trusty steed awaits – ready to carry you through the adventures that lie ahead in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery.