Lies Of P

Lies of P: Unleashing the Power of the Golden Lie Weapon

Lies of P, a grimdark soulslike game, presents players with a twisted adaptation of the beloved fairytale Pinocchio. While the game deviates from the wholesome storyline, it incorporates intriguing references to Pinocchio’s iconic traits. One such reference is the Golden Lie, a powerful weapon that can be obtained by embracing deceit within the game.

The Journey of Lies

To embark on the path of acquiring the Golden Lie weapon, players must immerse themselves in a “Lie Playthrough.” The first step is encountered at Hotel Krat, where a voice beyond the door poses the question, “Are you a human or a puppet?” Unlike ordinary puppets, players have the ability to lie. Choosing to lie at every possible opportunity is crucial to unlocking the Golden Lie and progressing towards a more “human” state.

It’s important to note that each choice made throughout the game will impact how characters interact with the player and ultimately influence the ending achieved. By committing to a journey filled with lies, players uncover the secrets of the Golden Lie weapon.

Unveiling the Portrait of a Boy

In the depths of the Malum District, players encounter the notorious Black Rabbit Brotherhood, a gang of stalkers who survived the Puppet Frenzy. Following a victorious battle against the Brotherhood’s eldest member, players can explore the district for valuable collectibles.

One such collectible is the Portrait of a Boy, a key item stolen by the Black Rabbit Brotherhood from Geppetto, the creator in the game. This captivating portrait bears striking resemblance to Pinocchio. After obtaining the artwork, players should return to Hotel Krat and present it to Geppetto, who will proudly display it in his office. While the portrait cannot yet be interacted with, it holds intriguing secrets waiting to be discovered.

Harmonizing with the Records

In the vibrant city of Krat, players have the opportunity to collect vinyl Records scattered throughout their adventures. These Records, when played on the gramophone at Hotel Krat, provide a sense of “Humanity” to the protagonist. Listening to each of the eleven discoverable Records in their entirety, in addition to maintaining a path of lies, allows players to maximize their Humanity attribute.

However, it’s important to note that Golden Records can only be found when starting a New Game+. To fully appreciate the power of the Golden Lie weapon, players must ensure that all other Records have been listened to and the journey of lies remains intact.

The Final Confrontation

Having acquired the Portrait of a Boy and listened to all the Records, players are now prepared to face the final boss and conclude their “Lie Playthrough.” Upon successfully defeating the ultimate challenge, it is crucial not to start a New Game+, but instead allow the credits to roll.

Returning to Hotel Krat, players will be met with a surprising sight - a long, golden staff protruding from the Portrait of a Boy. Situated right atop the boy’s nose, this staff represents the manifestation of the Golden Lie weapon. Claiming the staff ensures the acquisition of the powerful and versatile weapon.

The Golden Lie weapon, resembling a blunt object, becomes an invaluable companion throughout the game. Its unique “Furious Golden Hits” Fable Art enables players to simultaneously attack and defend with each swing, making them almost unstoppable. Armed with this weapon, players can venture back into the streets of Krat with the intent to unleash chaos and wreak havoc upon their adversaries.

Unlocking the Golden Lie weapon in Lies of P is a thrilling and intricate process, requiring players to embrace deceit, explore hidden secrets, and complete a journey filled with lies. As players progress through the game, their choices and actions will shape the outcome and ultimately determine their access to this powerful tool.

By following this Lies of P guide, players can effectively obtain the Golden Lie weapon and experience the unparalleled strength it bestows. Embark on this dark and enthralling adventure, indulge in lies, and claim your dominance with the devastating power of the Golden Lie.