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Why Titanfall 2 Is Back in the News, and Why Fans Think Respawn Is Plotting Something

Titanfall 2, the highly acclaimed first-person shooter game developed by Respawn Entertainment, has recently experienced a surge in popularity among PC gamers. The reason behind this unexpected resurgence can be attributed to the community’s belief that a recent update has addressed long-standing matchmaking issues that plagued the game.

For years, Titanfall 2 has been plagued with various issues, ranging from hacks to conspiracy theories. However, it seems that Respawn has finally taken notice and made efforts to improve the player experience. Even though no official announcement has been made by Respawn or the game’s publisher, Electronic Arts (EA), players have noticed a significant reduction in disconnects while searching for matches.

This newfound stability has rekindled the interest of many players, leading to a noticeable increase in the number of individuals enjoying the game on the popular gaming platform, Steam. In fact, on September 17th, Titanfall 2 reached its peak with an impressive concurrent player count of 23,234, securing its position among Steam’s top 100 most-played games.

While the recent surge in player activity can be partially attributed to ongoing deals, such as Steam’s 90% off sale, which concluded on September 18th, fans of Titanfall are speculating that Respawn may have something exciting in store for them. This speculation stems from the discovery of a Titanfall Easter egg buried within the patch notes of Respawn’s battle royale game, Apex Legends. This Easter egg includes three numerical codes, which, upon deciphering, correspond to the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends, respectively.

The existence of this Easter egg has sparked renewed hope among fans that Respawn has not completely abandoned the Titanfall franchise. Earlier this summer, it was revealed that Respawn had been actively working on Titanfall 3 for ten months before ultimately deciding to shift their focus to Apex Legends. Mohammad Alavi, the narrative lead designer for Titanfall 3, mentioned in an interview that a significant amount of work had already been done on the sequel before it was ultimately shelved.

Considering Apex Legends’ overwhelming success (with a peak concurrent player count of 429,733 on Steam), it may seem unlikely that Respawn is currently developing Titanfall 3. However, many fans believe that Respawn might incorporate some Titanfall-related content or events into Apex Legends, creating a nostalgic connection between the two games. In the meantime, fans of Titanfall 2 are happily relishing the opportunity to once again experience the exhilarating gameplay mechanics, such as wall-running, in the online multiplayer mode.