Lies Of P

Lies of P’s Post-Credits Scene Hints at a Surprising Sequel

The post-credits scene in the popular video game, Lies of P, has left players buzzing with excitement and speculation. As the credits roll, a final cutscene reveals a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the franchise. This unexpected scene introduces the possibility of a great and powerful sequel that promises to further captivate fans.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead! If you haven’t finished Lies of P and want to experience the story firsthand, proceed with caution. We’ll be discussing the final moments of the game, so consider yourself warned.

Lies of P is a soulslike game heavily inspired by Carlo Collodi’s classic tale, The Adventures of Pinocchio. Developed by Neowiz, it offers players a dark and atmospheric fairytale experience. While it’s still early to discuss the future of the franchise, the post-credits scene provides intriguing hints about what lies ahead.

In this scene, one of the game’s key characters named Paracelcus is seen speaking to an unknown woman over the phone. He reports the events that unfolded in the city of Krat, undoubtedly referring to the dramatic conclusion of Lies of P. There’s a sense of intrigue and shady dealings in their conversation, as Paracelcus promises to find someone named Dorothy, referring to her as “another key of ours.”

The scene then transitions to a brief shot of Krat, still in ruins, where the unmistakable legs of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz are seen walking. Complete with striped socks and ruby slippers, her appearance adds an unexpected twist to the narrative. She stops to click her heels three times, a nod to the iconic phrase “There’s no place like home.”

This post-credits scene holds significant implications for the future of Lies of P. It suggests that the game may serve as a starting point for a series that reimagines various beloved children’s storybooks as dark and creepy video games. The potential of exploring these familiar tales in a new light brings excitement and curiosity to fans.

However, many questions remain unanswered. Will future games in the series continue to follow the soulslike formula established by Lies of P? What is Dorothy doing in Krat, the setting of the game? And most importantly, will the anticipated sequel be titled Lies of D?

As eager fans, we’ll have to exercise patience as we await concrete answers. Speculation and theories will undoubtedly circulate among the gaming community during this time. Despite the wait, we can take solace in Lies of P’s current success as a soulslike game. In our review, we praised its immersive gameplay and captivating storyline.