Super Mario RPG: All Armor and How to Get It

Armor plays a crucial role in Super Mario RPG, providing essential protection to our beloved characters as they embark on their epic adventure. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the different types of armor available in the game and how to obtain them. Whether you’re controlling Mario, Mallow, Geno, Bowser, or Peach, we’ve got you covered.

Armor That Anyone Can Equip in Super Mario RPG

Let’s start by looking at the armor that can be equipped by any character in Super Mario RPG. These versatile pieces of armor offer general benefits and can be worn by anyone on your team. Here are some notable examples:

  1. Jump Shoes: These shoes allow your character to jump higher, enhancing their mobility and giving them an edge in battles that require vertical movement. You can find the Jump Shoes in Frogfucius’ Pond after completing a certain quest.

  2. Mega Shirt: This powerful shirt provides a significant boost to defense, making it a valuable addition to your character’s armor collection. You can purchase the Mega Shirt from the Nimbus Land shop or find it hidden in the clouds with a helpful hint.

  3. Courage Shell: The Courage Shell increases your character’s magic defense and is particularly useful against magic-based enemies. To obtain this shell, you need to defeat the Mobliz beach monster and trade a Bright Card for it.

  4. Amulet: This accessory offers a bonus to your character’s HP, aiding in their survivability. You can find the Amulet in Land’s End after completing a challenging puzzle.

These are just a few examples of the versatile armor options available for all characters in the game. Now let’s delve into the character-specific armor sets.

All of Mario’s Armor in Super Mario RPG

Mario, the iconic hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, has a range of unique armor sets at his disposal. Each armor set provides him with different advantages in battle. Here are some notable armor sets for Mario:

  1. NokNok Shell: This shell, which can be purchased in a shop within Monstro Town, increases Mario’s defense and magic defense. It also protects against statuses like mute and sleep.

  2. Lazy Shell: Considered Mario’s ultimate armor, the Lazy Shell offers unparalleled protection and boosts his attack power as well. To obtain the Lazy Shell, you need to win at the 100 Super Jumps game in Monstro Town and then purchase it from a hidden shop.

  3. Happy Shirt: Found in Monstro Town, the Happy Shirt grants Mario additional attack power. It also bolsters his defense against certain status ailments.

All of Mallow’s Armor in Super Mario RPG

Mallow, the adorable cloud-boy with unique magical abilities, has his own set of armor choices. These armor sets enhance Mallow’s magical prowess and defense. Here are a few examples:

  1. Fuzzy Shirt: This shirt boosts Mallow’s magic attack and magic defense. You can find it in two locations: a hidden treasure chest in Rose Town or by defeating Chester and delivering the seed to Hinopio.

  2. Star Cape: The Star Cape increases Mallow’s magic attack and provides protection against silent and afraid status conditions. To obtain the Star Cape, you must defeat Bundt in the Marrymore wedding cake battle.

  3. Quicksilver: This shield increases Mallow’s defense and magic defense. It also provides a considerable resistance to various status ailments. You can find the Quicksilver in Bowser’s Keep after defeating the Blade in the cavern.

All of Geno’s Armor in Super Mario RPG

Geno, the enigmatic warrior from Star Road, has his unique armor sets that enhance his attack power and offer defense against various threats. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

  1. Poltergeist: The Poltergeist armor increases Geno’s attack power and magic defense. You can find it in Barrel Volcano by hitting a hidden switch and uncovering a hidden treasure chest.

  2. Fearless Pin: This accessory not only boosts Geno’s attack power but also protects him from instant KO attacks. To obtain the Fearless Pin, you need to play the music box in the Sunken Ship and defeat the subsequently unleashed monsters.

  3. Feather: The Feather raises Geno’s defense and magic defense while also offering protection against status conditions like mute and sleep. You can find the Feather in the Bean Valley maze.

All of Bowser’s Armor in Super Mario RPG

Bowser, the mighty Koopa king, also has his selection of armor sets that enhance his physical prowess and defense. These armor sets are designed to make Bowser an imposing force on the battlefield. Here are a couple of notable examples:

  1. Happy Shell: This shell provides Bowser with high defense and also protects against statuses like mute and poison. To obtain the Happy Shell, you need to defeat Yaridovich in Belome Temple.

  2. Drain Charm: The Drain Charm absorbs HP from enemies when Bowser deals damage, allowing him to sustain himself in battle. You can find the Drain Charm in Booster Tower by locating a hidden treasure box.

All of Peach’s Armor in Super Mario RPG

Peach, the elegant princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, has her array of armor sets that embody her graceful nature while offering solid defense. Here are a few examples:

  1. Safety Badge: The Safety Badge boosts Peach’s defense and magic defense while also providing protection against various status ailments. You can purchase the Safety Badge in the Seaside Town accessory shop.

  2. Lazy Shell: Similar to Mario’s ultimate armor, Peach can also equip the Lazy Shell, granting her exceptional defense and attack power. The method to obtain the Lazy Shell for Peach is the same as for Mario.

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to all the armor available in Super Mario RPG. By equipping the right armor sets for each character, you’ll enhance their abilities and ensure their survival in this fantastical journey.

Remember, armor not only protects our heroes but also amplifies their strengths. So, gather the best armor available, strategize wisely, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Super Mario RPG!