Payday 3: Rock the Cradle Stealth Guide

Heists in Payday 3 can be approached with different strategies: the loud and chaotic method or the stealthy and calculated approach. While the former may offer an adrenaline rush, the latter requires patience, finesse, and strategic thinking. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of completing the Rock the Cradle heist in Payday 3 using the stealth methodology.

Table of Contents

  • Entering the Neon Cradle
  • Getting Down to the VIP Floor (Lower Difficulties)
  • Getting Down to the VIP Floor (Higher Difficulties)
  • Exploring the VIP Floor
  • Getting the Crypto Wallet
  • Getting Into the Vault

Before we begin, it’s important to note that the objectives can vary based on the difficulty level you choose. Certain steps may vary between Normal and Overkill difficulties, so be mindful of these differences when following this guide. With that said, let’s dive right into it.

Entering the Neon Cradle

The first step is gaining access to the Neon Cradle nightclub. The main entrance is heavily guarded, making it impractical for a stealth approach. Instead, look for alternate routes such as ventilation shafts, back alleys, or even the sewers to find a discreet entrance. This will allow you to enter the nightclub undetected and begin your mission.

Getting Down to the VIP Floor (Lower Difficulties)

Once inside, your objective is to reach the VIP floor. On lower difficulties, you may have the option to take the elevator directly down to the VIP area. However, be cautious as there may be guards or security cameras nearby. Utilize your silenced weapons or melee takedowns to eliminate any threats silently. It is crucial to remain inconspicuous at all times, as any alarms raised may compromise the entire stealth operation.

Getting Down to the VIP Floor (Higher Difficulties)

On higher difficulties, the direct elevator route may be unavailable or heavily guarded. In such cases, you’ll need to find an alternative method to reach the VIP floor. Look for stairwells, hidden passages, or elevator shafts that can provide a covert way to access the area. Pay close attention to guard patrols and security camera sightlines to avoid any unnecessary confrontations.

Exploring the VIP Floor

Once you successfully make it to the VIP floor, take a moment to survey your surroundings. Identify areas where security is concentrated, such as guard stations or surveillance rooms. Your primary objective is to locate the target of the heist and any valuable items that might aid you in your mission.

Exercise extreme caution as you navigate through the VIP floor. Stay in cover, avoid the line of sight of guards, and use your stealth skills to neutralize any potential threats quietly. Remember, the key to a successful stealth operation is staying unnoticed and leaving no traces behind.

Getting the Crypto Wallet

As you search the VIP floor, keep an eye out for the crypto wallet. This item is crucial for completing the Rock the Cradle heist successfully. The crypto wallet can usually be found in the possession of a VIP or a high-ranking staff member. Take them down discreetly and secure the wallet without alerting other guards.

Getting Into the Vault

With the crypto wallet in your possession, it’s time to make your way to the vault. The exact location of the vault may vary based on the layout of the nightclub, so be prepared to adapt your plan accordingly. Utilize your hacking skills or find keycards to gain access to the vault’s secure perimeter.

Inside the vault, you’ll find an array of valuable loot and rewards. Take only what’s necessary, as carrying too much may slow you down and increase the chances of getting caught. Keep an eye on any additional security measures, such as laser grids or motion sensors, which may require careful navigation to bypass.

Finally, once you’ve successfully secured the loot, it’s time to make your exit. Exit strategies can vary based on the situation and may require coordination with your team. Locate the safest route out of the Neon Cradle nightclub without alerting any guards or raising suspicion.