Can You Steal the Warlock Ship in Starfield? – Answered

A big ship, though it might leave you a little disappointed.

In the vast world of Starfield, players have the option to explore the depths of space, engage in epic battles, and even acquire their very own spaceship. However, for those who are looking for a shortcut, stealing a ship can be a tempting and thrilling endeavor. In this article, we will delve into a specific ship that has caught the attention of many Starfield players – the Warlock ship. But the lingering question remains: can you actually steal the Warlock ship in Starfield?

The Devils You Know: Unveiling the Warlock Ship

The Warlock ship makes its grand appearance during the United Colonies mission, aptly titled “The Devils You Know.” As you embark on this mission, your objective is to track down Reginald Orlase, a former colleague of Vae Victis, in the Etherea Ruins. Orlase is a formidable adversary, giving you two options to deal with him – engage in battle and blow his ship to bits or take a riskier approach by boarding his ship and confronting him directly.

The Boarding Option: Can You Steal the Warlock Ship?

Choosing to board Orlase’s ship may seem like a promising opportunity to get your hands on the coveted Warlock ship. However, the outcome may not be exactly what you expect. Once you successfully board the ship and confront Orlase, he takes drastic measures and ends his own life. This turn of events leaves you feeling somewhat disappointed, unable to claim the ship as your own.

Other Means to Acquire the Warlock Ship

While stealing the Warlock ship directly might not be a possibility, there could still be other avenues to obtain it. Starfield presents a dynamic and immersive world where various quests, encounters, and choices can influence the course of events. It’s possible that future updates, expansions, or even hidden quests within the game might offer alternative opportunities to acquire the Warlock ship. Exploring the vast universe of Starfield and engaging with its captivating gameplay might unveil new possibilities for ship acquisition.