Starfield: The Showdown Quest Walkthrough

The finale to the Ebbside Strikers’ Saga.

How to Start The Showdown in Starfield

To begin the Showdown quest in Starfield, you must first complete the Display of Power quest. Once you have successfully hijacked each advertisement board and returned to Briggs, he will determine that it’s finally time to deal with the Disciples in Ebbside once and for all. Briggs will instruct you to speak with Vogal Fuches to go over the plan.

Meeting Vogal Fuches

Vogal Fuches is located in the central district of Ebbside. Head over to his location and initiate a conversation with him. He will provide you with vital information about the Disciples, their stronghold, and their leader, as well as suggest a strategy to take them down.

Gathering Intel

Before engaging in the Showdown, it is essential to gather as much information as possible about the Disciples. Speak with various NPCs around Ebbside who may have encountered the Disciples or possess valuable knowledge about their activities. Completing side quests or helping locals can also provide useful information and resources that will aid in your quest.

Preparing for the Showdown

As the final battle with the Disciples approaches, it’s crucial to ensure that you are adequately prepared. Stock up on healing items, ammunition, and any other necessary consumables. Upgrade your weapons and armor to maximize your combat effectiveness. Take the time to level up your character and allocate skill points strategically, focusing on abilities that will give you an edge in the upcoming battle.

Infiltrating the Disciples’ Stronghold

Once you feel ready, it’s time to infiltrate the Disciples’ stronghold. Follow the directions provided by Vogal Fuches and make your way to their heavily guarded hideout. Use your stealth abilities to avoid detection or engage in tactical combat to eliminate any opposition in your path. The Disciples will not go down without a fight, so be prepared for intense battles.

Confronting the Disciples’ Leader

As you delve deeper into the stronghold, you will eventually come face to face with the leader of the Disciples. This encounter will be the ultimate test of your skills and determination. Brace yourself for a challenging battle, employing all your combat prowess and strategic thinking to overcome this formidable adversary.

Triumph and Resolution

Upon defeating the Disciples’ leader, you will have successfully completed the Showdown quest. Revel in your triumph as you witness the downfall of this menacing faction that has plagued Ebbside for far too long. The city will be forever grateful for your heroic efforts in bringing peace and security.

The Showdown quest in Starfield serves as the epic finale to the Ebbside Strikers’ Saga. It is a culmination of your journey, filled with intense battles, strategic decisions, and the ultimate confrontation with the Disciples. With this walkthrough, you are equipped with the knowledge and guidance to conquer the quest and emerge victorious. Prepare yourself, gather your allies, and embark on this thrilling adventure in pursuit of glory and justice.

Remember, the fate of Ebbside rests in your hands. Good luck, and may the stars guide you to victory!