Starfield: Relief Run Quest Walkthrough

Neon, a bustling city filled with danger and excitement, offers a chance for players to do some good in Starfield. Amidst the run-and-gun lifestyle, a quest called Relief Run presents an opportunity to help those in need. This guide will walk you through the steps of completing Relief Run and making a difference in the Neon streets.

How to Start Relief Run in Starfield

To initiate the Relief Run quest, venture into Neon Core. However, it’s worth mentioning that this quest is also available in Ebbside or Underbelly. While exploring the city, you will come across rumors of Doctor Joseph Manning at the local Reliant Medical facility, seeking assistance. Make your way to the clinic and pay a visit to Doctor Manning.

Upon meeting Doctor Manning, he will first inquire about any injuries or medical conditions you might have. Once this initial dialogue is complete, you now have the chance to extend a helping hand in securing additional medical supplies for the clinic’s smooth operation.

Assisting Doctor Joseph Manning

To procure the required medical supplies, Doctor Manning will provide you with a detailed list of items needed. It is essential to carefully review this list to ensure you gather all the necessary supplies. Some of the items might be available within Neon, while others might require you to explore different areas of Starfield’s vast universe.

As a player, you must navigate the city and its surroundings, interacting with various characters and locations to acquire the required supplies. Keep an eye out for any potential leads or hints that might lead you to the specific items mentioned on the list.

Exploring Neon’s Streets

Venturing into the bustling streets of Neon, you will encounter a diverse range of individuals. Engage in conversations, gather information, and complete mini-tasks to gain the trust and assistance of the locals. The Neon dwellers may offer valuable insights, leads, or even direct assistance in acquiring the medical supplies needed for the clinic.

Be prepared to navigate through neon-lit alleys, dimly lit corners, and vibrant marketplaces. Neon offers a rich and immersive setting, filled with hidden secrets and unexpected encounters. Stay vigilant and observant as you make your way through the city, as even the smallest detail or conversation could hold the key to obtaining a vital medical supply.

Uncovering Side Quests and Obstacles

During your journey to secure the medical supplies, you might stumble upon various side quests and obstacles. These additional missions can add depth to your gaming experience and provide opportunities for further exploration and interaction within the Starfield universe.

Side quests could involve aiding other individuals in need, solving puzzles, or overcoming challenges. While they may not be directly related to the Relief Run quest, they contribute to the overall narrative and offer rewards or valuable resources that can aid you in your mission.

Return to Doctor Joseph Manning

Once you have successfully gathered all the required medical supplies, return to Doctor Manning at Reliant Medical. Present him with the diligently collected items, and witness the gratitude on his face as he realizes the impact your efforts will have on the clinic and the lives of Neon’s residents.

Doctor Manning will express his heartfelt appreciation for your assistance, acknowledging the positive change your actions contribute to within the city. This moment of satisfaction and accomplishment serves as a reminder of the value of lending a helping hand, even in the midst of a dangerous and fast-paced world like Starfield’s Neon.

With Relief Run successfully completed, take a moment to bask in the sense of fulfillment that comes with making a difference in the lives of those in need. Reflect on your journey, the challenges you faced, and the friendships forged along the way.

In Starfield, Relief Run provides an opportunity to step away from the run-and-gun lifestyle and make a positive impact in Neon. By assisting Doctor Joseph Manning in securing vital medical supplies, players can experience a different side of the game while exploring the vibrant streets and engaging with its diverse inhabitants. Embrace this chance to do some good amidst the chaos and relish the satisfaction of bringing relief to those who need it most.