Starfield Players Show Off Its Physics Playground by Playing Dominoes With Books and Sandwiches

In the world of Bethesda games, it has become a tradition for players to find creative ways to entertain themselves within the game’s physics playground. Starfield, the highly anticipated space-themed RPG from Bethesda, is no exception. Players have already started showcasing their ingenuity by playing Dominoes using various objects found within the game world.

A YouTube channel called Holy Moe recently uploaded a video demonstrating an early attempt at in-game Dominoes in Starfield. The players used books, space food, and other junk items to create their Dominoes setup. To add an extra element of complexity, they even incorporated footballs into the run. Holy Moe, the creator of the video, mentioned that it’s just a concept using books as Dominoes for now, but expressed interest in creating more advanced setups in the future. They praised the spectacular physics engine of Bethesda, which adds an immersive touch to the gameplay experience.

As Holy Moe’s video gained attention, other Starfield players were inspired to create even more complex Domino runs. One such attempt involved adding sandwiches to the mix. Watching these Domino setups in action rekindles memories of elaborate efforts seen in Bethesda’s previous games, such as The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which featured its own version of Domino Days.

However, what sets Starfield apart is its advanced physics engine. It didn’t take long for players to push the boundaries of the game’s physics mechanics. One player managed to stuff a staggering 20,000 potatoes into their ship’s cockpit, showcasing the physics capabilities of Starfield in a unique and amusing way. Since then, players have continued to push the object count to unprecedented levels, attempting to break the game’s limits. Some players even resorted to cheats to spawn items into space, further exploring the possibilities within the game.

In recent discoveries, Starfield players have noticed a peculiar weather phenomenon. It seems that rain only occurs on the player character, adding an interesting dynamic to the gameplay and environmental immersion. This peculiar detail has sparked discussions among the community, with players wondering about the underlying reasons behind this design choice.

Todd Howard, the development chief at Bethesda, has also shared insights into the development process of Starfield. He mentioned that planet exploration within the game was initially designed to be brutal and challenging. However, it was later adjusted to provide a better balance and gameplay experience for players. The details of these adjustments and the rationale behind them remain intriguing aspects for players to explore within the game.

Additionally, IGN had the opportunity to speak with the creator of a controversial paid DLSS mod for Starfield. This mod sparked debates among players, but the creator defended their work and expressed disappointment towards piracy. The interview sheds light on the challenges and motivations behind creating such mods and the impact on the gaming community.

For players who are currently exploring the vast universe of Starfield, IGN offers a detailed Starfield walkthrough to guide them through the game. It provides valuable tips, strategies, and insights into various aspects of the game, ensuring players make the most of their journey through the stars.