Starfield: Gem Jealousy Quest Walkthrough

A tale of two collectors.

Dealing with Old Earth collectors in New Atlantis is like watching two older men argue over chess in the park, a lot of bickering and meaningless trades. Here is how to complete Gem Jealousy in Starfield.

How to Start Gem Jealousy

This is another random side quest you will either stumble upon by bumping into the quest giver randomly or through rumors passed amongst the locals. Either way, Guillaume requires your help recovering his lost gem from another collector, which is priceless to him.

Once you’ve accepted the Gem Jealousy quest from Guillaume, your adventure begins. Follow these steps to navigate through the quest efficiently:

  1. Investigate the Rival Collector: Begin by gathering information about the rival collector who possesses Guillaume’s lost gem. Speak to the NPCs in the area, visit local taverns, and search for any clues that might lead you to the collector’s whereabouts. This will help you gain a better understanding of your target.

  2. Gather the Necessary Tools: Before confrontin the rival collector, make sure you have the necessary tools to retrieve the gem successfully. These tools could include lockpicks, a disguise, or any other items that might come in handy during the mission. Prepare yourself thoroughly to avoid any unexpected obstacles.

  3. Track Down the Rival Collector: Once you have gathered all the relevant information and equipped yourself adequately, it’s time to track down the rival collector. Use your investigative skills to follow the trail and locate the whereabouts of the collector. This might involve traveling to different locations, solving puzzles, or interrogating NPCs for more clues.

  4. Infiltrate the Collector’s Hideout: In order to retrieve Guillaume’s gem, you will need to infiltrate the rival collector’s hideout. Approach the hideout cautiously, ensuring you remain undetected. Use any disguises or stealth tactics at your disposal to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

  5. Retrieve the Lost Gem: Once inside the hideout, navigate through any obstacles or guards to reach the gem. Be prepared for traps and challenges set up by the rival collector to protect his prized possession. Use your skills and intellect to overcome these hurdles and retrieve the gem safely.

  6. Return the Gem to Guillaume: With the gem in your possession, make your way back to Guillaume and return it to him. This will mark the successful completion of the Gem Jealousy quest. Guillaume will express his gratitude and reward you for your efforts.

Remember, every decision you make throughout the quest may affect the outcome, so choose wisely. Approach each situation tactfully and be prepared for unexpected twists and turns.

Gem Jealousy is an intriguing side quest that adds depth to the immersive world of Starfield. By following this walkthrough, you’ll be able to navigate through the quest smoothly and help Guillaume recover his priceless gem. Enjoy the adventure and make your mark in the vast universe of Starfield!