Starfield: Display of Power Quest Walkthrough

Welcome to the second part of the Ebbside Strikers’ saga in Starfield! In this exciting quest, you’ll join forces with the Ebbside Strikers to reclaim the seedy underground of Neon and push back the Disciples. However, before you embark on this epic adventure, it’s crucial to win the hearts and minds of the people. In this article, we’ll guide you through the Display of Power quest in Starfield, helping you complete it successfully.

How to Start Display of Power in Starfield

To initiate the Display of Power quest, you must first complete “The Audition.” After impressing Briggs with your abilities, he’ll gladly welcome you into the ranks of the Ebbside Strikers. Now, it’s time to take on Hatchet’s side quest. Find Hatchet, who stands behind the counter in the far corner of the room, and engage in a conversation to kickstart the Display of Power quest.

Once you’ve spoken to Hatchet, she will outline your objectives and provide vital information to guide you through the quest. Pay attention to the details she shares, as they will prove invaluable during your mission.

Exploring the Neon Underground

As you delve into the Display of Power quest, you’ll navigate the dark and mystical underground of Neon. Be prepared to encounter various challenges and adversaries along the way. To progress efficiently, follow these steps:

1. Gathering Intel

Before engaging in direct confrontation with the Disciples, it’s important to gather intelligence. Explore the diverse corners of the Neon underground and interact with NPCs (non-playable characters) to gather information and clues. By doing so, you’ll acquire crucial insights that will aid your quest.

2. Completing Side Quests

While on your mission, keep an eye out for side quests offered by fellow Ebbside Strikers or other NPCs. These additional quests not only provide extra rewards but also contribute to the overall story development. Completing side quests can also lead to valuable alliances and resources that will greatly benefit you in your battle against the Disciples.

3. Skill Development

As you progress through the Display of Power quest, remember to refine and upgrade your skills. Utilize the experience gained from battles and interactions to level up your character, acquire new abilities, and enhance your combat prowess. By continuously improving your skills, you’ll be better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.

4. Forming Alliances

The Neon underground is a complex web of factions and alliances. Throughout the Display of Power quest, building alliances with trustworthy individuals or groups can significantly bolster your chances of success. Forming strategic alliances will grant you access to valuable resources, vital information, and even reinforcements during critical moments.

5. Confronting the Disciples

Finally, it’s time to confront the Disciples head-on. Armed with the intel you’ve gathered, the skills you’ve honed, and your trusted allies, make your way towards the heart of the Disciples’ stronghold. Be prepared for intense battles, challenging puzzles, and unexpected twists as you strive to reclaim the Neon underground from their grip.

Completing the Display of Power quest in Starfield is no easy task, but with determination, strategy, and the support of the Ebbside Strikers, you can overcome the challenges that lie in your path. Remember to immerse yourself in the rich narrative, explore every nook and cranny of the Neon underground, and make wise decisions as you progress.

Get ready to showcase your power and bring about the dawn of a new era in the Neon underground. The fate of the seedy underbelly lies in your hands, so step forward, embrace the quest, and emerge victorious!