Starfield: The Audition Quest Walkthrough

Are you ready to dive into the gritty world of Ebbside in Neon? This seedy and cramped environment is home to numerous tough-as-nails gangs that love to assert their authority over the everyday person. One such gang is the Disciples. In order to deal with them and make your mark in this turbulent world, it is crucial to learn how to complete “The Audition” quest in Starfield.

How to Start The Audition in Starfield

To embark on The Audition quest, you will come across information about the Disciples upon entering Ebbside from the elevator located directly beside the spaceport elevator. As you step into this chaotic realm, a homeless “crate rat” will provide a warning about the local gang scene, particularly focusing on the Ebbside Strikers and Disciples. This encounter will trigger a miscellaneous quest, setting the stage for your journey to meet the Disciples.

As you delve deeper into the seedy underbelly of Ebbside, you’ll soon realize that gaining entry to the Disciples gang is no easy feat. However, with the right approach and strategy, you can prove your worth and earn a coveted spot among their ranks. Let’s take a closer look at how you can successfully navigate The Audition quest.

The Audition Quest Walkthrough

  1. Finding the Disciples’ Hideout: Your first task is to locate the Disciples’ hideout. Interact with the locals in Ebbside to gather information about their secret base. Keep an eye out for any hints or rumors that can lead you in the right direction.

  2. Gaining the Gang’s Attention: Once you have identified the Disciples’ hideout, it’s time to make yourself known to the gang. Engage in various activities to capture their attention. This could involve completing smaller tasks or challenges, proving your skills and dedication.

  3. Meeting the Disciples’ Leader: As you grab the attention of the Disciples, they will eventually summon you for a meeting with their leader. This encounter will test your mettle and determine whether you are worthy of joining their ranks.

  4. Completing Initiatory Tasks: Upon successfully impressing the Disciples’ leader, you will be given a set of initiatory tasks to prove your loyalty and abilities. These tasks may include espionage, sabotage, or even acts of violence against rival gangs. Execute each task meticulously and demonstrate your commitment to the gang’s cause.

  5. Earning Recognition and Trust: As you progress through the initiatory tasks, you will start to earn the recognition and trust of the Disciples. This will grant you access to their inner circle, where you will unlock secret information, gain valuable perks, and ultimately solidify your position within the gang.

Tips and Strategies

  • Explore Ebbside: Take your time to roam the surroundings and interact with the diverse characters populating Ebbside. You never know who might have valuable information or useful tips to aid you on your quest.

  • Build Your Skills: Prioritize enhancing your character’s skills and abilities that align with the Disciples’ interests. This will not only make you a more formidable contender but also impress those who hold the key to your membership.

  • Choose Your Alliances Wisely: Be cautious when interacting with rival gangs or factions. Your actions and choices may have consequences that can either help or hinder your progress with the Disciples.

  • Stay Persistent: The path to becoming a Disciple is not an easy one. Expect hurdles, challenges, and setbacks along the way. Stay determined and persevere through each obstacle that comes your way.

Becoming a member of the Disciples gang in Ebbside is no easy task, but with the help of this walkthrough, you are well-equipped to tackle “The Audition” quest in Starfield. Remember, success lies in your ability to navigate the treacherous path, prove your worth, and earn the respect of the gang’s leader. Good luck as you embark on this thrilling adventure in the neon-lit world of Starfield!