Society Medallions in Fortnite: Locations and Effects

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground has finally arrived, bringing along a plethora of exciting new features for players to explore. Among the additions are Society Medallions, intriguing items that can be obtained by defeating bosses scattered across the new map. In this article, we will delve into the world of Society Medallions, discussing their purpose, where to find them, and the effects they have on gameplay.

What are Society Medallions in Fortnite?

Society Medallions are special items that players can acquire by defeating one of the five bosses found within the Fortnite Chapter 5 map. These unique medallions serve multiple purposes and provide various advantages to players. When kept in your inventory, Society Medallions gradually regenerate your shield over time. The more medallions you possess, the higher the rate at which your shield is replenished with each tick.

In addition to shield regeneration, Society Medallions also impact the visibility of players. When a Society Medallion is present in your inventory, you will be marked on your opponents’ map. The number of medallions you possess determines the precision of the radius indicating your exact location. With more Society Medallions in your possession, your opponents will have a more accurate understanding of your whereabouts within the game.

Where to Find Society Medallions

Locating and obtaining Society Medallions requires defeating the bosses scattered across the Fortnite Chapter 5 map. To aid players in their search, the in-game map displays the locations of these bosses. It is advisable to prioritize landing at a boss location that is farthest away from the Battle Bus route, as it reduces the chances of encountering fierce competition from other players.

To complete the “Assist in Collecting a Society Medallion” Fortnite quest, players must defeat a boss and pick up the medallion. Even if you are part of a team, as long as you deal damage to the boss, the challenge will be considered complete, even if another teammate collects the medallion. Use the map to strategize your approach and select the boss you wish to challenge.

It’s worth mentioning the return of Augments, powerful enhancements that players can acquire during gameplay, along with the introduction of bosses and mythic items. The defeated bosses now drop Society Medallions, making them valuable rewards for victorious players.

Exploring the Benefits of Society Medallions

The Society Medallions in Fortnite offer players a unique advantage with their shield regeneration ability. As shield health is crucial for surviving encounters with opponents, having a steady shield replenishment can dramatically enhance your chances of success. However, it is essential to exercise caution and strategize your gameplay, as opponents will have a clearer understanding of your location with more medallions in your possession.

Additionally, the presence of Society Medallions adds a new layer of complexity and dynamic gameplay to Fortnite. Balancing the desire for enhanced shield regeneration with the risk of being more visible to opponents presents an intriguing strategic choice for players. This introduces a fresh and exciting challenge, encouraging players to adapt their playstyle and explore new strategies.

To optimize the benefits of Society Medallions, players should focus on defeating bosses efficiently and collecting as many medallions as possible. Regularly utilizing the map to track boss locations and plan your route accordingly will greatly contribute to your success in obtaining these valuable items.

Society Medallions have become a captivating addition to Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground. The ability to regenerate shield health and the increased visibility on opponents’ maps provide both advantages and challenges to players. With careful planning and calculated gameplay, players can effectively utilize these medallions to enhance their gaming experience. So, gear up, locate the bosses, defeat them, and collect those valuable Society Medallions!