Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth’s New Backstory Unveiled in Mobile Game Ever Crisis

The iconic villain of Final Fantasy 7, Sephiroth, has received a significant expansion to his backstory in the newly released mobile game spin-off, Ever Crisis. This latest update offers fans a deeper understanding of the enigmatic character, while also generating speculation about its connection to the highly anticipated sequel, Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.

According to a report by Eurogamer, Ever Crisis places a spotlight on the younger years of Sephiroth, shedding light on his lineage and heritage. As with many elements in the Final Fantasy series, the story delves into dramatic, bizarre, and tragic territories. Sephiroth’s parents are revealed to be Shinra scientists named Hojo and Lucrecia. These two individuals are affiliated with the sinister mega-corporation that reigns over Gaia, the world of Final Fantasy 7.

However, the twist in Sephiroth’s tragic tale lies in the involvement of Jenova, a malevolent extraterrestrial entity. It is unveiled that Jenova’s cells were injected into Lucrecia while she was pregnant with Sephiroth. This infusion of supernatural power resulted in Sephiroth possessing extraordinary abilities. Ever Crisis introduces a new layer of tragedy by exposing the fact that Sephiroth’s father, Hojo, shamefully deceived him about his mother’s true identity. Sephiroth believed that Jenova, the woman in a photograph he treasured, was his true mother, unaware that it was actually Lucrecia.

The implications of this newfound information on Sephiroth’s character and his journey in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth remain unknown. However, the choice of “Rebirth” as the sequel’s title, as explained by producer Yoshinori Kitase in an interview with IGN, may indicate significant changes to the character’s origins.

Fans have already begun speculating on the potential connection between Ever Crisis and Rebirth, drawing comparisons from lines in their respective trailers. The thought-provoking questions raised in both trailers, such as “Who exactly is the life you are trying to save?” and “Will you exist in the world I’m trying to save?”, hint at possible narrative links between the two games.

It is confirmed that Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth will feature story changes, mirroring its predecessor, Remake. Fans eagerly await the game’s release on February 29 and the opportunity to witness how these alterations will unfold.

Recently, a lengthy trailer showcased Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth during Summer Game Fest. This glimpse provided fans with their first substantial look at the game in over a year. Prior to the trailer’s release, Square Enix treated fans to a series of Q&A posts throughout the week, which generated both insightful and peculiar discussions.