Where to Sell Aurora in Starfield: Maximizing Profits from Contraband

Discover the best locations to sell Aurora in Starfield and maximize profits from this contraband drug.

Starfield is a vast and immersive video game universe where players can venture into the depths of space, engaging in all sorts of activities. While exploring the game, players have the option to embrace the darker side and dabble in illegal activities such as drug production. One of the highly sought-after substances in Starfield is Aurora—a powerful drug that holds significant value. In this article, we will guide you on where to sell Aurora and how to make the most profit from this illicit trade.

Where to Get Credits for Aurora in Starfield

Before we delve into finding the ideal locations to sell Aurora, it’s crucial to know where to obtain this contraband in the first place. Aurora can be acquired from Neon or other sources within the game.

If you decide to procure Aurora from Neon, a vibrant hub of illicit activities, the Trade Authority store on the main street is your go-to place. Located across from the Mining League store and next to Neon Tactical, this Trade Authority store is well-versed in handling contraband goods.

However, if you manage to obtain Aurora from other locations in Starfield, The Den in the Wolf system proves to be a more suitable option for selling this valuable substance. The Den is a notorious hotspot for illegal trade and houses individuals who are willing to pay handsomely for illicit substances like Aurora.

Maximizing Profits: Best Locations to Sell Aurora

To ensure maximum profitability, it is essential to choose the right locations for selling Aurora. In Starfield, Trade Authority stores located in major cities are the primary destinations for trading contraband goods. These stores have the necessary infrastructure to handle and discreetly sell illegal substances like Aurora.

While Aurora is a highly sought-after drug, it is crucial to keep in mind that it is considered contraband in Starfield. Therefore, attempting to sell Aurora in controlled systems or non-Trade Authority stores may raise suspicion and lead to unwanted attention or consequences.

To evade such risks, it is recommended to sell Aurora exclusively at Trade Authority stores. These stores have established networks and mechanisms to ensure discreet transactions, minimizing the chances of getting caught by authorities or rival factions.

Trade Authority Stores: The Key to Selling Aurora

Trade Authority stores can be found scattered across most major cities in Starfield, ensuring easy accessibility and a wide customer base for selling Aurora. These stores act as centralized hubs for trading various goods, both legal and illicit, making them the ideal platform for maximizing profits from contraband.

When it comes to selling Aurora obtained from Neon, the Trade Authority store on the main street of Neon proves to be the most lucrative option. Positioned strategically across from the Mining League store and next to Neon Tactical, this Trade Authority store attracts customers who are interested in acquiring illicit substances like Aurora. The proximity to other establishments known for their involvement in the underworld ensures a steady flow of potential buyers and maximizes the chances of securing a significant profit.

For Aurora acquired from anywhere else in Starfield, The Den in the Wolf system emerges as the prime location for selling this contraband drug. The Den is renowned for harboring illicit activities and individuals associated with the underground trade. Here, you will find a clientele willing to pay top credits for Aurora, allowing you to reap substantial profits.

When immersing yourself in the expansive world of Starfield, don’t shy away from exploring the edgier aspects of gameplay. Engaging in drug production and trade, specifically with Aurora, can be a thrilling and profitable venture. Remember to exercise caution, choose the right locations for selling Aurora, and leverage Trade Authority stores to maximize your earnings. By navigating the interconnected web of illegal trade within Starfield, you can climb the ranks of illicit entrepreneurship and secure your place as a formidable player in the galaxy.