Payday 3

What is a Lead Guard in Payday 3?

Stealthing through the heists in Payday 3 can be an exhilarating experience, especially when playing on higher difficulties. While normal difficulty presents a relatively straightforward challenge, the game ramps up the difficulty on higher settings, introducing new elements that can make your mission even more challenging. One such element is the introduction of Lead Guards, who pose a unique threat to players.

The Role of a Lead Guard

In Payday 3, a Lead Guard is an exclusive guard found only on the Overkill difficulty setting. These guards carry a repeating pager, which adds an additional layer of complexity to your stealthy approach. Unlike other guards whose pagers can be answered once and forgotten, the Lead Guard requires you to repeatedly deal with their pager.

The Pager Dilemma

Dealing with pagers is a common mechanic in Payday 3, where players must answer them when a guard they’ve eliminated is detected. However, with Lead Guards, the pager issue becomes more challenging. Unlike other guards, you’ll need to answer the pager not just once but multiple times when dealing with a Lead Guard.

Limited Pager Usage

One crucial aspect that makes the Lead Guard even more daunting is the limited number of pagers available to players on Overkill difficulty. While players usually have a generous number of pagers to answer for standard guards, the same cannot be said for Lead Guards. On Overkill difficulty, players are limited to just two pagers. If a third pager is triggered, it will sound the alarm, attracting unwanted attention and posing a significant threat to the success of your heist.

Strategic Considerations

Given the limited number of pagers available when facing a Lead Guard, players must exercise caution and strategy. It becomes essential to prioritize which guards to eliminate and when, ensuring that the Lead Guard is dealt with at the most opportune moment. Ideally, it is best to wait until you have made substantial progress in the heist before taking out the Lead Guard. Eliminating them prematurely may lead to unnecessary complications and increase the risk of detection.

The Reward of Success

Successfully navigating the challenges posed by Lead Guards can be immensely rewarding. Overcoming their repeating pagers and limited pager usage demonstrates a high level of skill and mastery of Payday 3’s mechanics. It can make the heist run smoother and increase the chances of a successful stealth operation.

In summary, Lead Guards in Payday 3 add an extra layer of complexity to heists played on the Overkill difficulty setting. Their repeating pagers and limited pager usage require players to strategize and carefully plan their eliminations. With only two pagers available, players must exercise caution and consider the timing of eliminating the Lead Guard. Mastering the art of dealing with Lead Guards can significantly enhance the chances of a successful stealth mission. So gear up, plan your approach strategically, and conquer the challenges that Payday 3 presents with the Lead Guard in your sights.