PlayStation 5

Now Red Dead Redemption Is 60fps on PS5, Xbox Series X and S Players Want the Same

Rockstar Games has recently patched its popular open-world western game, Red Dead Redemption, to introduce a significant improvement for PlayStation 5 players. The update includes a 60 frames per second (fps) toggle, allowing players to experience the game at a smoother and more immersive level. However, this update has left Xbox Series X and S owners feeling left out and eager for the same enhancements on their consoles.

The Red Dead Redemption port for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch has been limited to 30fps, while Xbox players never received a port in the first place. The Xbox 360 version of the game is backward compatible on the Series X and S, but it still runs at 30fps, lacking the improved frame rate that the PS5 version now offers.

Some Xbox owners are hopeful that Microsoft’s FPS Boost feature, which has improved the performance of several backward-compatible titles on Xbox Series X and S, might address this issue. However, given that Red Dead Redemption was never officially ported to Xbox, it seems unlikely that an FPS Boost will be implemented. The absence of an Xbox One port of Red Dead Redemption, even two months after the launch of the PS4 and Nintendo Switch ports, further dampens hopes for a 60fps patch.

Numerous Xbox players have taken to platforms like Reddit to express their frustration. Many question why Rockstar has not released a port for Xbox consoles, especially considering the demand for an enhanced gaming experience at 60fps. Some fans have even expressed their willingness to purchase the game again if a port were made available.

It appears that Xbox players may have to accept their fate and embrace the current limitations of the game. The possibility of a late FPS Boost addition or a surprise Xbox One port seems unlikely, according to discussions among the community. Xbox fansite PureXbox has also voiced their disappointment, emphasizing that Xbox players feel left out in light of the recent update for the PlayStation 5 version.

PC gamers, on the other hand, have been longing for the release of Red Dead Redemption on their platform. Despite the growing popularity of the franchise, Rockstar has shown no indication of changing its stance and bringing the game to PC. This leaves PC players without the opportunity to experience the legendary western adventure.

While fans of Red Dead Redemption eagerly await news of a potential next-gen update, recent leaks suggesting its development, and rumors surrounding the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6, it seems that Rockstar’s current focus may not be on further expanding the Red Dead franchise. The developers seem to be shifting their attention towards other projects, despite the enduring popularity of Red Dead Redemption.