The Callisto Protocol

The Essential October 2023 lineup for PlayStation Plus has been causing quite a buzz among gamers. Thanks to the leak by the reliable source, billbil-kun of Dealabs, we now have a sneak peek at what’s in store for PS Plus subscribers next month. Among the headliners for October are The Callisto Protocol and Farming Simulator 22, with the third game remaining a mystery for now.

One of the most highly anticipated games in the lineup is The Callisto Protocol, which serves as a spiritual successor to the beloved sci-fi horror classic, Dead Space. Developed by Striking Distance Studios, the game offers a satisfyingly gory experience that pays tribute to the Dead Space series. IGN’s review of The Callisto Protocol gave it a respectable 7/10 rating, describing it as a striking modern mimic with elements reminiscent of the original horror franchise.

However, The Callisto Protocol has faced its fair share of challenges and setbacks. The studio behind the game, Striking Distance Studios, recently made headlines after laying off 32 employees in a restructuring effort aimed at aligning the studio’s priorities for future success. Additionally, Glen Schofield, who co-created Dead Space and directed The Callisto Protocol, left the company, adding to the uncertainties surrounding the game’s development.

The journey of Striking Distance Studios began over three years ago when it was established as a subsidiary of Krafton, the parent company responsible for the popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The studio’s initial goal was to create a narrative-driven game set in the PUBG universe, which ultimately turned out to be The Callisto Protocol.

Unfortunately, The Callisto Protocol has encountered mixed reviews and various development issues, including performance problems, reports of crunch within the studio, and difficulties properly crediting contributors to the game’s development. To make matters worse, the game reportedly fell short of Krafton’s sales expectations shortly after its release.

In contrast to the intense horror of The Callisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22 offers players a different gaming experience. With a big expansion slated for release in November, virtual farmers can expect to cultivate their agricultural empire on a brand-new Central European map known as Zielonka. The game provides a realistic and immersive farming simulation, giving players the opportunity to manage crops, livestock, and various aspects of a working farm.

As for the third game in the PS Plus Essential October 2023 lineup, details and speculation remain scarce. However, based on the excitement surrounding The Callisto Protocol and Farming Simulator 22, it’s safe to assume that the mystery game will be equally noteworthy.

While official confirmation from Sony is still pending, the leak from billbil-kun has undoubtedly sparked curiosity and anticipation among PlayStation Plus subscribers. Gamers eagerly await the official announcement, excited to see what other surprises the Essential October 2023 lineup has in store for them.