Pokemon Go

October’s Pokemon GO Community Day is right around the corner, and this time it features none other than our beloved pal Timburr. As a log-wielding Fighting type Pokemon first introduced in Generation V, Timburr quickly gained popularity and became a favorite choice among trainers’ teams. Now, it’s finally getting its own special Community Day event in Pokemon GO, and here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this exciting occasion.

Timburr Community Day: Event Details

On this October Pokemon GO Community Day, trainers will have the fantastic opportunity to encounter and catch Timburr in abundance. While Timburr is normally obtained through one-star Raids, Community Day will make it much more accessible, increasing your chances of encountering shiny versions as well.

Date and Time

Mark your calendars for , as that is when the Timburr Community Day will be taking place in Pokemon GO. Make sure you set aside some dedicated time to fully immerse yourself in the event!

The star of the Community Day is, of course, Timburr. This adorable yet formidable Pokemon will be appearing frequently during the event, giving trainers the chance to catch as many as possible and potentially find shiny versions.

During the Timburr Community Day, there’s a special treat in store for trainers. Timburr will learn an exclusive move when caught or evolved into its final form, Conkeldurr. This move, , is a powerful addition to Timburr’s arsenal and makes it even more formidable in battles.

Special Research Story - Muscle Memories

As with previous Community Day events, Timburr’s Community Day will feature a unique Special Research story called “Muscle Memories.” Engage in this questline to uncover the secrets of Timburr and earn various rewards along the way. Complete the Special Research tasks to enhance your Community Day experience and further immerse yourself in Timburr’s world.

Event Bonuses

Field Research

Throughout the Community Day, trainers will have the opportunity to complete exclusive Field Research tasks that are themed around Timburr. By accomplishing these tasks, you can earn additional rewards and encounter more Timburr in the wild.

Community Day Themed Stickers

Participating in the Timburr Community Day event will give trainers the chance to unlock special Community Day themed stickers. These stickers can be used to customize your in-game experience and show off your participation in this exciting event.

Post Community Day Special Raids

Even after the Community Day event has ended, there’s still more to look forward to. There will be post-event Special Raids featuring Timburr and other Pokemon, providing an opportunity to continue the excitement and catch more powerful Pokemon.

Get ready for an action-packed Community Day as Timburr takes the spotlight in Pokemon GO. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch and evolve this powerful Fighting type Pokemon, learn exclusive moves, complete special research, and enjoy exciting event bonuses. Mark the date in your calendar, gather your friends, and make the most of this incredible opportunity. Let the Timburr Community Day become a memorable experience in your Pokemon GO journey!

Remember to follow the official Pokemon GO social media channels for any updates and announcements regarding this upcoming event. Happy hunting, trainers!