Pets for Underwater Exploration in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, the popular open-world action RPG developed by miHoYo, has captivated players with its stunning visuals and immersive gameplay. One of the many features that make this game so appealing is the introduction of pets. These adorable creatures can accompany players in their adventures, providing companionship and adding an extra layer of charm to the gaming experience. However, when it comes to underwater exploration, not all pets are able to join you in the depths of the sea. In this article, we will explore which pets can accompany you underwater in Genshin Impact.

1. The Crab

Found along the sandy shores of Genshin Impact’s vast world, the crab is a small but playful creature that loves to scuttle around. While it may not seem like the ideal companion for underwater exploration, the crab defies expectations by being able to accompany you beneath the waves. Its tiny claws help it navigate the underwater terrain, and its cheerful demeanor brings a smile to your face as you discover hidden treasures in the depths.

2. The Fish

As you delve deeper into the underwater realms of Genshin Impact, you’ll encounter an array of vibrant fish species. These aquatic creatures are not only a sight to behold but can also serve as loyal underwater companions. Swim alongside these graceful fish as you uncover the submerged secrets of Fontaine, their graceful movements adding a touch of tranquility to your exploration.

3. The Jellyfish

With their ethereal glow and mesmerizing tentacles, jellyfish are known for their beauty and grace. In Genshin Impact, these magnificent creatures can accompany you underwater, illuminating the abyss with their radiant presence. Glide through the depths with the jellyfish by your side, creating a breathtaking spectacle as you unravel the mysteries hidden beneath the sea.

4. The Seashell Turtle

A whimsical creature found on the shores of Genshin Impact’s coastal areas, the seashell turtle is a true aquatic companion. Its shell acts as a protective barrier against the underwater currents, allowing it to keep pace with you as you explore the vast ocean depths. The seashell turtle’s adorable appearance and gentle nature make it a beloved companion for any adventurer.

5. The Octopus

Known for their intelligence and dexterity, octopuses have always been fascinating creatures. In Genshin Impact, these intelligent beings can join you in your underwater escapades, showcasing their remarkable abilities. Watch in awe as the octopus uses its tentacles to navigate the underwater terrain effortlessly. Its inquisitive nature adds an element of curiosity to your underwater exploration.

6. The Mermaid

Nothing embodies the allure of underwater exploration quite like a mermaid. In Genshin Impact, the mermaid pet offers a unique and enchanting experience. As you dive into the depths of the sea, the mermaid gracefully swims alongside you, her melodious voice echoing in your ears. This mystical companion brings a touch of magic to your underwater adventures, making them truly unforgettable.

While these pets may not possess any functional advantages in terms of gameplay, they add depth and personality to your Genshin Impact experience. Each pet has its own unique animations and characteristics, further enhancing the immersive nature of the game. Whether you’re uncovering hidden treasures, battling fearsome sea monsters, or simply enjoying the serenity of underwater exploration, these pets will be there by your side.