Entering the Penthouse

When it comes to stealth heists in Payday 3, the Touch the Sky mission offers a unique challenge. As you begin the mission, you are presented with two options: to complete the heist undetected or to unleash a hail of bullets. For those who enjoy the former, here is a comprehensive guide to successfully completing the eighth heist in the game.

Snagging the Required Tools and Getting Into the Master Bedroom

Before attempting any heist, it’s crucial to gather the necessary tools and equipment. In the case of the Touch the Sky mission, you’ll need to locate and secure the tools required to break into the penthouse. This involves carefully navigating the building, avoiding any potential guards or security cameras.

Once you have the necessary tools, make your way to the master bedroom. This is where the real challenge begins. Exercise caution while moving through the building, ensuring you avoid any guards and minimize the risk of detection. Utilize your stealth skills to blend into the environment and remain undetected.

Finding the Vault and the Panic Room

To progress further in the heist, you must locate the vault and the panic room. These areas hold crucial items and secrets that are integral to completing the mission successfully. Exercise patience and carefully scout the area to identify any potential threats or obstacles in your path.

Approach the vault with caution, as any mistakes or mishaps can trigger alarms and alert the guards. Use your expertise to disable security systems and unlock the vault without leaving a trace. The panic room, on the other hand, holds valuable information or assets that may aid in your escape or provide additional benefits. Ensure you thoroughly search the panic room before proceeding.

Getting Mason Laurent to His Office

As part of the heist, you’ll need to escort Mason Laurent to his office. This requires meticulous planning and timing to ensure a smooth and undetected operation. Coordinate with your fellow players and make use of distractions or disguises to safely navigate through the building.

Keep a close eye on guards, cameras, and other potential threats to ensure the safety of Mason Laurent and the success of the mission. Escort him swiftly but discreetly to his office, avoiding any unnecessary confrontations or alarms.

Accessing the Vault and Setting Up the Drive

Once you’ve successfully escorted Mason Laurent to his office, the next step is to access the vault and set up the drive. Exercise extra caution during this phase, as any wrong moves can lead to alarms being triggered and reinforcements being called.

Utilize your hacking skills to bypass security systems and gain access to the vault. Inside, set up the drive to retrieve valuable information or assets. Take note of any additional security measures in place and ensure you disable or neutralize them to maintain your stealthy approach.

In Conclusion

Successfully completing the Touch the Sky heist in Payday 3 requires skill, strategy, and impeccable timing. By utilizing stealth tactics and keeping a cool head, you can navigate through the mission undetected, securing valuable loot and completing the heist with finesse.

Remember, each difficulty level poses its own challenges, requiring heightened awareness and adaptability. With practice and perseverance, you can master the art of stealth and become a formidable heister in Payday 3’s Touch the Sky mission. Good luck!