Payday 3: Dirty Ice Stealth Guide

Stealth has always been a challenging aspect of Payday 3, requiring careful planning, precision, and patience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this guide will walk you through the Dirty Ice heist and help you master the art of stealth.

Getting Into the Jewelry Store

The first step in successfully completing the Dirty Ice heist is gaining access to the jewelry store without being detected. Approach the location calmly and avoid any unnecessary attention. Look for alternative entrances or ways to bypass security cameras and guards.

Getting Into the Basement

Once inside the jewelry store, your next objective is to reach the basement. Avoid any contact with the guards and try to find a discreet route. You can utilize distractions, such as throwing a coin or using a noise-making device, to divert the guards’ attention.

Disabling the Display Case Alarm and Turning off the Cameras

Before you can start looting, it’s crucial to disable the display case alarm and turn off the security cameras. While disabling the alarm, ensure that no guards are nearby. Utilize your hacking skills or find manual switches to disable the cameras.

Looting the Jewelry Store

With the alarms and cameras disabled, now is the time to carefully loot the jewelry store. Use your expertise to identify valuable items and easily portable objects. Keep an eye on guard patrol patterns and utilize your stealth takedowns to neutralize any threats quietly.

How to Access the Vault in Payday 3’s Dirty Ice

The ultimate goal of the Dirty Ice heist is accessing the vault. This is where the real challenge lies, as security measures are heightened at this point. Take advantage of your team’s skills and coordinate your efforts to crack the vault’s security codes, bypass laser grids, and evade guards.

Difficulty Considerations

It’s important to remember that the difficulty level of the Dirty Ice heist will greatly impact your strategy. Higher difficulties will introduce additional challenges, such as increased guard presence, faster alarm response times, and tighter security measures. Adjust your approach accordingly and consider upgrading your skills and equipment if needed.

Mastering the art of stealth in Payday 3’s Dirty Ice heist requires careful planning, precise execution, and a patient mindset. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll increase your chances of successfully completing the mission undetected. Remember to adapt your approach based on the difficulty level and leverage your team’s strengths to overcome any obstacles that come your way. Happy heisting!