Payday 3

The launch of Payday 3 has been marred by significant matchmaking issues, leading to frustration among players and a negative user review rating on Steam. Developer Starbreeze has acknowledged the problems and is actively working towards finding a solution by considering the addition of an offline mode.

The co-op heist shooter Payday 3 was met with high anticipation, but its launch didn’t go as smoothly as expected. Many players encountered severe online problems, resulting in a backlash from the community. As of writing this article, Payday 2, a game that is a decade old, has more active players on Valve’s platform than its newer successor, Payday 3.

Amidst growing complaints from players, Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjögren took to Twitter to address concerns about the game’s requirement for always-online connectivity. Sjögren stated that the development team is exploring the possibility of adding an offline mode to alleviate the matchmaking issues.

So, what exactly went wrong with Payday 3’s matchmaking system? In a statement released by Starbreeze, the developer attributed the problems to its third-party matchmaking partner. The matchmaking infrastructure failed to perform as tested and expected, resulting in an inability to handle the massive influx of players. This situation was deemed unrecoverable for Starbreeze’s matchmaking partner.

Attempts were made to address the issues by deploying a new version of the matchmaking server software across all regions, which resulted in improved performance. However, a software update introduced by the partner on Sunday reintroduced instability to the matchmaking infrastructure. The third-party partner is actively working to enhance and stabilize the online systems of Payday 3.

It is worth noting that the matchmaking issues did not manifest during the Technical Betas or Early Access stages due to the specific conditions of rapid user influx and load balancing. Starbreeze is currently evaluating all options, both in the short- and long-term. In the short-term, the focus is on ensuring an optimal player experience. For the long-term, Starbreeze is considering finding a new partner for matchmaking services and reducing Payday 3’s dependence on online services.

A new statement from Tobias Sjögren expresses the developer’s disappointment regarding the issues faced by the player base during the launch weekend. However, he remains confident in the core product and the quality of Payday 3, citing available metrics that point to its success. Rebuilding community trust will require persistent and diligent work from the team.

In an effort to address the stability of the servers and matchmaking, Starbreeze temporarily took Payday 3 offline on September 26. Additionally, the game will undergo another round of upgrades on September 29. These steps reflect the developer’s commitment to improving the overall experience for players.