Honkai Star Rail

How to Get the Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio in Honkai: Star Rail

In the exciting world of Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe, there are numerous hidden treasures to discover, and one such treasure is the elusive Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio. This special drink may prove to be quite a challenge to obtain, but fear not, as we have a guide to help you add it to your collection effortlessly.

Obtaining the Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio in Simulated Universe

The Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio is not available for purchase in any of the Curio shops found throughout the Simulated Universe, be it regular SU or Swarm Disaster. To complete your collection, you will need to trigger a specific occurrence event called the Genius Society #55 Yu Qingtu event. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Keep an Eye Out for the Occurrence Event: The Genius Society #55 Yu Qingtu event is the key to obtaining the Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio. Stay alert while exploring the Simulated Universe and be on the lookout for this particular event.

  2. Triggering the Event: Once you have located the Genius Society #55 Yu Qingtu event, initiate it by following the event prompts or requirements. These may vary depending on the version or update of Honkai: Star Rail. Complete any challenges or tasks associated with the event to progress further.

  3. Claiming the Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio: As you engage with the event and meet its objectives, you will eventually reach a point where you can claim the coveted Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio. Make sure to carefully navigate through the event and fulfill all necessary conditions to ensure its successful acquisition.

Tips for Completing the Genius Society #55 Yu Qingtu Occurrence Event

While the process of triggering and completing the Genius Society #55 Yu Qingtu event is bound to differ from player to player, here are some helpful tips that may enhance your chances of success:

  1. Stay Updated: Keep yourself informed about the latest updates and news regarding Honkai: Star Rail. New occurrences and events are often introduced, which may include the Genius Society #55 Yu Qingtu event. Being aware of these updates will ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to add the Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio to your collection.

  2. Collaborate with Other Players: Engage with the game’s community and seek advice or assistance from fellow players. They may have valuable insights or tips on how to trigger and complete the Genius Society #55 Yu Qingtu occurrence event effectively.

  3. Improve Your Skills: Enhancing your gameplay skills can significantly impact your ability to complete various challenges within the occurrence event. Practice the game regularly, master different combat techniques, and level up your characters to increase your chances of success.

  4. Utilize In-Game Resources: Take advantage of any in-game resources, power-ups, or boosts that can aid you in your pursuit of the Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio. These resources may provide temporary advantages, making it easier for you to overcome the event’s obstacles.

Remember, perseverance and dedication are key when attempting to obtain rare treasures in Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe. Stay determined, follow the event instructions, and soon enough, the Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio will be a prized addition to your collection.

Good luck on your quest to obtain the Thalan Toxi-Flame Curio and may your adventures in Honkai: Star Rail’s Simulated Universe be filled with excitement and rewards!