How to Get Syndicate Enforcer in Starfield

If you’re a fan of melee combat in the highly anticipated game Starfield, you know how crucial it is to find the perfect weapon to complement your playstyle. Among the array of unique melee weapons in the game, the Syndicate Enforcer stands out as a powerful katana that packs a punch. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to acquire the Syndicate Enforcer in Starfield.

Where to Find Syndicate Enforcer

To obtain the Syndicate Enforcer, you have two options: enlist with Rujin Industries and complete their faction quest line or infiltrate the Syndicate Hideout in Ebbside. For those who prefer a stealthier approach, we’ll focus on the latter method, which involves sneaking into the Syndicate’s stronghold.

Infiltrating the Syndicate Hideout

  1. Head to Ebbside: Begin your journey by traveling to the town of Ebbside. This is where you’ll find the entrance to the Syndicate Hideout.

  2. Locate the Orange Structure: As you explore Ebbside, keep an eye out for an orange structure on the rooftop. This is the key to accessing the Syndicate Hideout.

  3. Enter the Building: Once you’ve found the orange structure, look for a grate leading into the building. With a simple lock-picking maneuver, you can gain entry.

  4. Navigate the Ventilation Shaft: Inside the building, follow the ventilation shaft downwards. Be cautious and make sure to remain undetected.

  5. Discover the Syndicate Hideout: As you progress through the ventilation shaft, you’ll eventually reach the Syndicate Hideout. The hideout is a large server room filled with various equipment.

  6. Locate the Weapon Crate: In the center of the server room, you’ll find a yellow weapon crate sitting on a table. This is where the Syndicate Enforcer awaits.

  7. Claim the Syndicate Enforcer: Open the weapon crate and voila! The Syndicate Enforcer is now in your possession. Feel the power of this remarkable katana as you gear up for intense melee battles in Starfield.

Choosing Your Method

While infiltrating the Syndicate Hideout entails a thrilling adventure, it’s worth considering the alternative option of joining Rujin Industries. By committing to their faction quest line, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire the Syndicate Enforcer through a different path, one that may align better with your character’s story and progression. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.