How to Get Peacemaker Armor in Starfield

Are you an avid player of Starfield, always on the lookout for the best armor sets? Look no further, as we bring you a guide on obtaining the sought-after Peacemaker Armor. This majestic armor not only boasts a regal appearance but also offers impressive stats. What’s even better is that it is available early on in the game, giving you a significant advantage. Read on to discover the steps required to acquire this unique armor set.

Where to Get Peacemaker Armor in Starfield

To embark on your journey to acquire the Peacemaker Armor, you must first complete a side quest. The quest begins when you land at Eleos Retreat in the Ixyll Star System. As you exit your starship, you’ll notice a large group of people gathered around two individuals engaged in a heated argument. It is revealed that they have lost a worker named Kilmin, who recently went missing, and foul play is suspected.

Step 1: Investigate the Disappearance

The first step in obtaining the Peacemaker Armor is to investigate the disappearance of Kilmin. Speak to the concerned individuals and offer your assistance. They will provide you with vital information and point you in the right direction to uncover the truth.

Step 2: Search for Clues

Armed with the information obtained, it’s time to set out and search for clues regarding Kilmin’s disappearance. Explore Eleos Retreat thoroughly, paying close attention to any suspicious areas or items that may provide valuable insights. Interact with the NPCs in the area, as they may have additional information or leads to follow.

Step 3: Uncover the Conspiracy

As you dig deeper into the investigation, you’ll start unraveling a conspiracy surrounding Kilmin’s vanishing. Piece together the clues and follow the trail to expose the truth behind the worker’s disappearance. This step might require you to engage in combat scenarios, solve puzzles, or make critical decisions that influence the outcome of the quest.

Step 4: Encounter The Peacemaker Faction

While following the trail, you’ll stumble upon The Peacemaker Faction, a secretive and influential group within the Starfield universe. They play a pivotal role in the disappearance of Kilmin and hold crucial information about the Peacemaker Armor. To progress further in your quest for the armor, you must gain their trust and earn their respect.

Step 5: Complete Faction Objectives

To gain the respect of The Peacemaker Faction, you are required to complete a set of faction objectives. These objectives can vary from retrieving valuable artifacts to assisting the faction in certain endeavors. It is crucial to carry out these tasks diligently as they bring you closer to obtaining the Peacemaker Armor.

Step 6: An Eminent Encounter

Once you have proven your worth and completed the faction objectives, you will have an encounter with the leader of The Peacemaker Faction. This high-stakes meeting determines whether you are deemed worthy of the Peacemaker Armor. Impress the leader with your skills, knowledge, and dedication to the cause to secure your reward.

Step 7: Claim Your Reward

If you successfully impress the leader of The Peacemaker Faction, they will acknowledge your accomplishments and reward you with the prestigious Peacemaker Armor. This armor not only enhances your defensive capabilities but also exudes an aura of regality, making you the envy of other players in Starfield.

Congratulations! You have now acquired the coveted Peacemaker Armor, a true testament to your prowess and commitment in the Starfield universe. With this powerful armor set, you can continue to explore the game, taking on challenges with heightened confidence and style.

The Peacemaker Armor is a truly remarkable armor set in Starfield, offering both formidable stats and an awe-inspiring appearance. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can successfully obtain this unique piece of equipment early on in the game. Embark on the quest, investigate the disappearance, navigate through conspiracies, and prove yourself to The Peacemaker Faction to secure your reward. So, gear up, embrace the power of Peacemaker Armor, and let your journey through the Starfield universe begin!