Fortnite has always captivated players with its exciting seasonal events, and Halloween is no exception. As Fortnitemares 2023 is set to release today, avid Fortnite enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the new Halloween skins that will be available. Thanks to dedicated data miners, snippets of information and leaks have surfaced, giving players a sneak peek into what they can expect.

One of the most highly anticipated collaborations revealed in the leaks is the inclusion of iconic characters. Fans of horror movies will be thrilled to know that Michael Myers from the “Halloween” franchise is making his way into Fortnite. With his haunting presence and signature mask, players will have the chance to embody this legendary slasher.

Another familiar face that will grace the Fortnite Halloween lineup is Jack Skellington, the beloved protagonist from the classic film “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Known for his distinct appearance and blend of spooky charm, Jack Skellington’s presence in the game adds a touch of whimsical Halloween spirit.

Additionally, fans of the psychological thriller genre will be delighted to see Alan Wake, the acclaimed protagonist of the game bearing the same name, making his way into Fortnite. With his intriguing storyline and trademark flashlight, Alan Wake brings a unique blend of mystery and suspense to the Halloween event.

While these leaks have given players a glimpse of the upcoming Halloween skins, the exact availability of these skins in the item shop remains unknown. Nevertheless, the leaked information has ignited excitement among the Fortnite community, who are eagerly anticipating the chance to add these new skins to their collection.

Apart from the aforementioned collaboration skins, there have been other leaks hinting at more exciting additions to the 2023 Fortnite Halloween collection. The leaks suggest the inclusion of a new shotgun and a vampire kinetic mythic blade, which are expected to enhance the gameplay experience during the Fortnitemares event.

The leaks themselves have come from dedicated Fortnite data miners such as Hypex and ShiinaBR, who have been reliable sources for early information in the past. Their expertise and dedication to uncovering hidden content within the game have provided players with thrilling insights ahead of time.

As Fortnite’s Halloween event, Fortnitemares, commences, players can look forward to an immersive and spine-chilling experience. Alongside the new skins and cosmetic items, the event promises engaging gameplay and exciting challenges that capture the essence of this beloved holiday.