Seamlessly Travel from Space to Planet in Starfield RPG with New Mod

Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG developed by Bethesda, has taken the gaming community by storm since its release. While the game offers a vast and immersive universe to explore, some players have expressed a desire for a more seamless travel experience between space and planets similar to that seen in games like No Man’s Sky. Well, it seems that their wishes have been answered with the introduction of a new mod that revolutionizes space travel in Starfield.

Introducing the Slower Than Light Mod

Modder 105gun has developed the Slower Than Light mod, which allows players to seamlessly travel from space to planet without the need for fast travel and the accompanying load times. This quality-of-life mod empowers Starfield players on PC to take control of their ship’s speed gear using hotkeys. With the mod installed, players can now travel at speeds equivalent to “hundreds of times the speed of light,” making it a breeze to explore different planets without the hassle of loading screens.

A Quick and Smooth Traversal Experience

One of the most significant advantages of the Slower Than Light mod is the ability to traverse through space at a much faster rate compared to the base game. Instead of navigating through in-game menus and resorting to fast travel, this mod allows players to conveniently planet hop without any interruptions. The captured footage showcases how the mod enhances the gameplay experience by enabling quicker space traversal.

It’s worth mentioning that while the mod opens up seamless travel between space and planets, it currently does not support landing on planets like No Man’s Sky. However, with the modding community’s dedication and creativity, it’s possible that a future update or additional mods might bring this feature to Starfield.

Breaking Away from the Fast Travel Norm

During the gameplay reveal at the June 2022 Xbox-Bethesda showcase, it was revealed by Todd Howard, the creative mind behind Starfield, that flying seamlessly through space would not be possible in the base game. Players were typically limited to fast travel, which involved loading screens when moving between planets and solar systems. Although it was discovered that direct planet-to-planet flight was feasible, the process was time-consuming and required considerable patience.

However, with the Slower Than Light mod, players now have the opportunity to travel at their desired speed and enjoy a more immersive and satisfying space travel experience. This mod exemplifies the power of the modding community, enhancing existing games and catering to the player’s desires.

Embracing Mods for Enhanced Gameplay

The introduction of the Slower Than Light mod is just one example of the numerous quality-of-life mods that have been developed for Starfield since its release. The modding community’s efforts have greatly expanded the game’s potential and provided players with various enhancements.

Aside from the seamless space travel mod, other noteworthy mods for Starfield include a FOV Slider, which allows players to adjust their field of view, an in-game map to prevent getting lost in the vastness of New Atlantis, and a revamped inventory UI for a more streamlined gameplay experience. These mods showcase the dedication of the modding community and their commitment to improving Starfield even further.

The addition of the Slower Than Light mod to Starfield has transformed the gameplay experience by allowing players to seamlessly travel from space to planet without enduring load times. This mod, developed by modder 105gun, empowers players to control their ship’s speed gear, enabling faster traversal between locations within the game’s expansive universe. While it may not yet offer the ability to land on planets like No Man’s Sky, the Slower Than Light mod is a significant step in the right direction.

The modding community’s contributions to Starfield have been substantial, providing players with additional tools and enhancements to tailor their gameplay experience. With the continued support and dedication of the modding community, Starfield is set to evolve and improve, cementing its position as an immersive and captivating sci-fi RPG.