Cyberpunk 2077

In the highly acclaimed game, Cyberpunk 2077, players are introduced to the exciting new Phantom Liberty DLC and its captivating Relic tree system. This innovative system brings forth a host of perks for players to delve into, offering new abilities and modifiers to existing ones. However, these perks aren’t handed to players on a silver platter - they must first hack into a series of Militech Data Terminals scattered across the vibrant city of Dogtown. In this article, we will guide you through all the Militech Data Terminal locations in Cyberpunk 2077, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of the thrilling upgrades.

Mastering the Relic skill tree in Cyberpunk 2077 requires uncovering and hacking into a total of nine distinct Militech Data Terminals strategically placed throughout Dogtown. While some terminals can be stumbled upon during the main storyline, others are hidden away, waiting for players to unveil their secrets. It’s important to note that this guide won’t cover all the upgrades in the Relic skill tree, but we will touch upon them later in this article. Let’s dive right into the locations of these invaluable Militech Data Terminals.

  1. Jinguji Building - The Jinguji Building houses one of the Militech Data Terminals. It can be found on the fifth floor. Look for a room with security personnel and a computer terminal. Infiltrate the system and unlock its hidden potential.

  2. Maelstrom Hideout - Make your way to the Maelstrom Hideout located in the industrial area of Dogtown. As you explore the hideout, keep an eye out for a hidden room tucked away behind a false wall. Inside, you’ll discover another Militech Data Terminal waiting for you to access its valuable data.

  3. Metro Market - Head to the bustling Metro Market, a hub of activity in Dogtown. Search for a small electronics store called “Tech Haven” within the market. Hidden amidst the shelves, you will find a Militech Data Terminal waiting to be hacked.

  4. Sakura Academy - Sakura Academy, a prestigious educational institution, is not just about textbooks and lectures. Explore the campus until you stumble upon the faculty area. Inside a locked office, you’ll discover yet another Militech Data Terminal, patiently waiting for your skilled hacking abilities.

  5. Darkwater Club - The vibrant nightlife of Cyberpunk 2077 brings us to the Darkwater Club. Make your way to the VIP section on the upper floor, where a hidden backroom awaits. Within this secretive area lies a well-guarded Militech Data Terminal, enticing you to uncover its hidden treasures.

  6. Ghost Town - Ghost Town, an abandoned district consumed by urban decay, hides a secret amidst its desolation. Explore the area until you come across a dilapidated building with graffiti-covered walls. Inside, a hidden chamber holds a Militech Data Terminal, waiting for you to bring it back to life.

  7. Watson Bridge - This architectural marvel, the Watson Bridge, stretches across the cityscape of Cyberpunk 2077. Beneath its towering structure, in the lower levels, you’ll find an access point to a hidden room. Within this room, discover yet another Militech Data Terminal, begging to be explored.

  8. Arlington Park - Visit the serene and picturesque Arlington Park, renowned for its lush greenery. However, beneath the serene facade lies a hidden underground facility. Explore this clandestine area until you locate a secure room containing a Militech Data Terminal, waiting to be unleashed.

  9. Cyberware Storehouse - Our final stop takes us to the Cyberware Storehouse, a treasure trove of advanced enhancements. Delve deep into the facility until you uncover a secret chamber concealed behind a maintenance wall. Within this hidden space lies the last Militech Data Terminal, holding the final piece of the puzzle.

While these are all the known Militech Data Terminal locations in Dogtown, it’s essential to keep in mind that there might be undiscovered terminals awaiting intrepid players. Stay vigilant during your exploration of Cyberpunk 2077’s expansive world, as new surprises may await you around every corner.

Additionally, there are numerous other upgrades available within the Relic skill tree, enriching your gameplay experience further. These enhancements provide unique abilities and modifiers that suit various playstyles, ensuring a personalized and immersive journey through Night City.