Counter Strike 2

How to Move and Lean Like Michael Jackson in CS2

Unleash your inner pop star and groove like the King of Pop himself in the virtual world of Counter-Strike 2. With an unintentional bug in the Source engine, players have discovered a way to replicate Michael Jackson’s iconic 45-degree lean seen in the legendary music video “Smooth Criminal”. In this guide, we’ll show you how to master this unexpected feature and bring a touch of MJ’s magic to your gaming experience.

Embrace the Bug and Channel Your Inner Michael Jackson

Valve, the creator of CS2, has surprisingly embraced this bug, acknowledging its existence by even updating their Twitter cover image (X). With their approval, you can now confidently incorporate some MJ-inspired moves into your gameplay. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the steps to perform the Michael Jackson lean:

  1. Master the Right Mouse Button: To execute the lean, you need to be familiar with right mouse button actions. Hold the right mouse button to aim down your weapon’s sight and get ready to lean in style.

  2. Position Yourself Correctly: Stand close to a wall or any surface that you can lean against. This will serve as your “lean support”.

  3. Engage the Lean: While aiming down the sight with the right mouse button, simultaneously press and hold the left or right movement key (A or D) along with the opposite lean key (Q or E). For instance, if you want to lean left, press and hold the right movement key (D) and the lean key (Q) simultaneously.

  4. Enjoy the Smooth Lean: Voila! You have successfully executed the Michael Jackson lean. This distinctive move will add flair to your gameplay as you effortlessly tilt at a gravity-defying angle, just like the King of Pop himself.

Taking Advantage of the Michael Jackson Lean

Now that you’ve mastered the mechanics of the lean, let’s explore some strategic advantages this feature offers in CS2 gameplay.

  1. Surprise Your Enemies: The unexpected nature of the Michael Jackson lean can catch your opponents off guard. Leaning around corners or behind cover while engaging in a firefight can give you a split-second advantage, allowing you to strike before they have time to react.

  2. Improve your Accuracy: By leaning, you stabilize your weapon, reducing recoil and enhancing your accuracy. Use this to your advantage when engaging in long-range battles or when precision is crucial.

  3. Dodge Enemy Fire: The Michael Jackson lean not only adds style but also makes you a harder target to hit. By leaning at a sharp angle, you create a smaller hitbox, making it challenging for adversaries to land their shots.

  4. Express Your Style: Gaming is all about self-expression, and what better way to do it than with the iconic moves of Michael Jackson. Show off your dance moves during casual matches or surprise your teammates with your unique style during intense competitive gameplay.

Valve’s Stance on the Bug

Valve’s decision to embrace this unintentional bug is a testament to their willingness to embrace the creativity and ingenuity of the gaming community. While the bug may be eventually fixed in future updates, for now, players can enjoy the magic of the Michael Jackson lean in CS2.

So, dust off your dancing shoes, grab your virtual gun, and get ready to lean like Michael Jackson in Counter-Strike 2. With a bug that turned into a delightful feature, you can bring a touch of pop culture to your gaming sessions and keep the spirit of the King of Pop alive.

Remember, gaming is not just about the win—it’s about having fun, being innovative, and creating unforgettable gaming moments. So go ahead, be a Smooth Criminal on the virtual battlefield and let the Michael Jackson lean be your secret weapon to victory!