Party Animals Controls Guide: Xbox and PC

Party Animals is an exciting multiplayer game that promises hours of fun and chaos. To ensure your victory in this game, you need to master the controls and use them strategically to outmaneuver and defeat your opponents. Whether you’re playing on Xbox or PC, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you familiarize yourself with the controls and give you an edge in your next party animals match.

Party Animals Xbox Controls:

  • Move Up: Push the left stick up.
  • Move Down: Push the left stick down.
  • Move Left: Push the left stick left.
  • Move Right: Push the left stick right.
  • Run: LT.
  • Grab: RT.
  • Drop Weapon: Press RT twice.
  • Jump/Climb: Y button while grabbing.
  • Punch/Heavy Punch: X button while running.
  • Toss: X button while grabbing.
  • Headbutt/Roll: B button while running.
  • Look Left: Push the right stick left.
  • Look Right: Push the right stick right.
  • Look Down: Push the right stick down.
  • Look Up: Push the right stick up.
  • Show Leaderboard: Menu button (looks like a hamburger).
  • Push to Talk: Down on the D-Pad.

Party Animals PC Controls:

  • Move Up: W key.
  • Move Down: S key.
  • Move Left: A key.
  • Move Right: D key.
  • Run: L Shift key.
  • Grab: I key or hold the left mouse button.
  • Drop Weapon: F key.
  • Jump/Climb: Space bar while grabbing.
  • Punch/Heavy Punch: J key or click the left mouse button while running.
  • Toss: Right mouse button while grabbing.
  • Headbutt/Roll: L key or click the mouse scroll wheel while running.
  • Look Left: Q key or move your mouse to the left while clicking the scroll wheel.
  • Look Right: E key or move your mouse to the right while clicking the scroll wheel.
  • Look Down: Move your mouse down while clicking the scroll wheel.
  • Look Up: Move your mouse up while clicking the scroll wheel.
  • Show Leaderboard: Tab key.
  • Push to Talk: L Ctrl key.
  • Microphone: N key.
  • Listening Scope: M key.

Knowing these controls will give you a solid foundation to tackle the chaotic gameplay of Party Animals. Whether you’re playing on Xbox or PC, make sure to practice and become familiar with these controls to improve your chances of emerging victorious.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of Party Animals’ controls on Xbox and PC, you can jump into the game prepared to wreak havoc and sabotage your opponents’ chances of victory. Remember to master the controls, strategize your moves, and most importantly, have fun in this adorable multiplayer game. Get ready to pounce, punch, and party with Party Animals!