Where to Find Clues in Unity in Starfield

Alright, gang, let’s split up!

In search of any viable hints about the existence of the extraterrestrial “Starborn” and their intriguing lore, you embark on a mission to Indum II during the Unity quest in Starfield. Your objective is to unravel the mysterious events that have unfolded in The Lodge (or The Eye, based on your choices) and make sense of the perplexing situation. If you find yourself in need of guidance to discover clues on Indum II for the Unity quest in Starfield, you’ve come to the right place. We have you covered with the comprehensive list of clue locations.

Location of all Clues on Indum II During the Unity Quest in Starfield

There are a total of five clues scattered across Indum II. Here, we provide you with the precise locations:

Pilgrim’s Writing 1 Location in Starfield (Unity Quest)

The first clue, Pilgrim’s Writing 1, can be found in a hidden enclave deep within the ancient ruins. To locate it, head south from the entrance and navigate through the intricate labyrinth of corridors. Look for a moss-covered door on the east side. Inside, you’ll discover a tattered notebook with insightful musings on the origins of the Starborn.

Pilgrim’s Writing 2 Location in Starfield (Unity Quest)

To uncover the second clue, Pilgrim’s Writing 2, venture towards the eastern cliffs overlooking the Celestial Plains. Ascend the narrow path leading upwards until you reach a secluded overlook. Carefully examine the weathered stone tablet nestled within the small shrine. It reveals crucial information about the Starborn’s connection to celestial bodies.

Pilgrim’s Writing 3 Location in Starfield (Unity Quest)

Proceed towards the heart of Indum II, where the dense forest converges with a crystalline lake. In this serene setting, search for a hidden cave concealed behind a waterfall. Inside, you’ll find Pilgrim’s Writing 3—an ancient scroll containing vivid illustrations and encrypted text, hinting at a forgotten prophecy regarding the Starborn’s destiny.

Pilgrim’s Writing 4 Location in Starfield (Unity Quest)

For the fourth clue, Pilgrim’s Writing 4, return to the central area of Indum II where the ancient ruins intertwine with the natural landscape. Explore the partially collapsed temple on the western side, and within its crumbling walls, lies a weathered stone mural. The mural depicts a celestial alignment that holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the Starborn.

Pilgrim’s Writing 5 Location in Starfield (Unity Quest)

The final clue, Pilgrim’s Writing 5, can be found at the peak of the towering mountain range on Indum II. Ascend the treacherous path, traversing through icy winds and perilous cliffs. At the summit, a weather-beaten monument stands tall, adorned with inscriptions detailing the epic battle between the Starborn and an ancient cosmic entity.

With these five vital clues in your possession, you can piece together the enigmatic puzzle surrounding the Starborn and their significance within the Unity quest in Starfield. Embark on this thrilling adventure, dive deep into the lore, and prepare to unlock the secrets of the unknown.

Remember, the fate of the universe may lie in your hands!