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Finding Supply Officers in WoW SoD: A Comprehensive Guide

World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery introduces exciting new features and challenges for players. One such element is the Waylaid Supplies, a valuable item that can be obtained by defeating enemies or opening chests. These supplies can be exchanged for rewards by locating the Supply Officers scattered throughout the game. In this guide, we’ll provide you with the exact locations of the Supply Officers in WoW SoD, making it easier for you to turn in your Waylaid Supplies and reap the benefits.

Supply Officer Locations in Major Cities

You can find a Supply Officer in each major city of Azeroth, usually situated near the Auction House. Identifying them is made simple as they will have a distinctive blue exclamation mark floating above their head if you have Waylaid Supplies in your inventory. Below, we have listed the exact locations and coordinates of these Supply Officers based on whether you are playing as Alliance or Horde:

Alliance Supply Officer Locations

  1. Stormwind City (Coordinate: 64.6, 75.9): In Stormwind, head to the central Trade District, and you’ll find the Supply Officer just outside the Auction House.

  2. Ironforge (Coordinate: 60.2, 34.1): The Supply Officer in Ironforge is situated near the Great Forge, close to the Auction House.

  3. Darnassus (Coordinate: 54.3, 49.9): In Darnassus, the Supply Officer can be found near the Temple of the Moon, outside the Auction House.

  4. Exodar (Coordinate: 54.1, 42.8): For those playing as Draenei, the Supply Officer is located near the central square of Exodar, close to the Auction House.

Horde Supply Officer Locations

  1. Orgrimmar (Coordinate: 53.4, 78.5): In Orgrimmar, head to the Valley of Strength where the Supply Officer can be found near the Auction House.

  2. Undercity (Coordinate: 85.7, 15.7): The Supply Officer in Undercity is situated near the War Quarter, close to the Auction House.

  3. Thunder Bluff (Coordinate: 45.8, 56.2): In Thunder Bluff, the Supply Officer can be found on the lower rise, near the Auction House.

  4. Silvermoon City (Coordinate: 79.1, 58.7): For Blood Elf players, the Supply Officer is located near the central bazaar of Silvermoon City, close to the Auction House.

By visiting these designated locations, you will be able to easily locate the respective Supply Officers, ensuring a smooth process of redeeming your Waylaid Supplies.

Tips for Efficient Waylaid Supply Collection

To make the most of your supply turn-ins and enhance your gaming experience, consider the following tips:

  1. Keep Track of Your Waylaid Supplies: Ensure that you have Waylaid Supplies in your inventory before seeking out the Supply Officers. Given their distinct blue exclamation mark, it will be easier to identify them if you’re carrying the supplies.

  2. Plan Your Route: To optimize your gameplay, plan a route that takes you through all the major cities. This way, you can efficiently turn in your Waylaid Supplies without unnecessary backtracking or wasted time.

  3. Stay Alert for PvP Zones: While on your Waylaid Supply collection journey, be mindful of potential PvP zones or areas with enemy faction members. Stay vigilant and prepare accordingly to avoid unnecessary confrontations or interruptions.

  4. Make Use of Hearthstone: Utilize your Hearthstone to quickly return to your faction’s major city. It will save you time and allow for faster turn-ins.

  5. Consider Grouping Up: Joining forces with other players can not only provide a sense of security in PvP zones but also make the process more efficient by sharing waypoint information or strategies.

With these tips in mind and armed with knowledge of the Supply Officer locations, you are well-equipped to embark on your Waylaid Supply collection journey in WoW SoD!

Remember, these Supply Officers play a crucial role in rewarding you for your efforts, so make sure to seize every opportunity to exchange your Waylaid Supplies for valuable rewards. Good luck, adventurer!