Lies of P: New Game Update, DLC Teased, and Sequel Confirmed

Neowiz, the publisher of the critically acclaimed game Lies of P, has recently made some exciting announcements. Players can look forward to a new game update, a teaser for the first DLC, and the confirmation of a sequel. Since its release, Lies of P has garnered immense popularity, selling over one million copies within a month. This soulslike action game, developed by Round8 Studio, takes inspiration from the classic fairy tale of Pinocchio and combines it with Bloodborne-style gameplay.

New Game Update and Improvements

Lies of P has received positive feedback from both critics and players alike. IGN’s review of the game awarded it an impressive 8/10, stating that while it may not deviate significantly from its soulslike roots, it executes the genre exceptionally well. Steam user reviews also reflect this positivity, with a “very positive” rating for the game.

To further enhance the gaming experience, Neowiz has announced an upcoming patch expected to arrive this month. This patch will bring significant changes to weapon and character balance, addressing some of the game’s early difficulty spikes. The developers are also introducing the Rising Dodge ability as a default skill, eliminating the need for players to unlock it. Additionally, players can look forward to a new outfit called Alidoro’s costume and mask, along with a new feature allowing separate customization of glasses and hats for even greater freedom in character customization.

Teaser for First DLC

A Glimpse into the Future: Sequel Confirmed

The thrilling adventure of Lies of P does not end with the upcoming DLC. In the game’s post-credits scene, an intriguing hint at either future DLC or a sequel is revealed. The scene showcases the iconic ruby shoes worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, accompanied by the enigmatic dialogue, “When I return, I will find her. For sure. Another key of ours. Dorothy.”

Director Jiwon Choi further confirms the plans for a Lies of P sequel, emphasizing that the development team’s highest priority is to work on both the upcoming DLC and the sequel. The team is dedicating significant effort to brainstorming and exploring different aspects of these projects, ensuring that the future of Lies of P is filled with thrilling adventures, mesmerizing storytelling, and captivating gameplay.

Fans of Lies of P have much to look forward to, with a new game update, a tantalizing teaser for the first DLC, and the confirmation of a sequel by Neowiz. The studio’s commitment to refining and expanding upon the game’s immersive world demonstrates their dedication to providing an exceptional gaming experience. Stay tuned for further updates, as Lies of P continues to captivate and enthrall players with its unique blend of Pinocchio’s tale and challenging soulslike gameplay.