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How to Install and Use UI Cheats Extension in The Sims 4 – Full UI Cheats List

If you’re an avid user of cheats in The Sims 4, you already know how frustrating it can be to find the commands you need. Typically, it requires complex commands that specify whether you’re changing your Sim’s stats, money, or other gameplay aspects. Mods like UI Cheat Extensions are game-changers in these situations, as they allow you to use these cheats instantly without typing in dozens of commands. If you are ready to tackle this mod, continue reading to find a complete guide on installing and using the UI cheats extension in The Sims 4.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Install and Use UI Cheats Extension in The Sims 4
  2. The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension – Full UI Cheats List
    • Needs Panel
    • Simology Panel
    • Relationships
    • Skill Panel
    • Career Panel
    • Aspirations Panel
    • Social Groups Panel
    • Owned Businesses Panel
    • Money/Moodlet Counter
    • Game Speed Controls
    • Sim Profile
    • Event UI
    • Buy/Sell Panel
    • Rewards Store
    • Perk Purchase Panel (Retail Stores, Restaurants, Vet Clinics, Clubs)
    • Perk Purchase Panel (Vampires, Spellcasters, Werewolves, Celebrities)
    • Milestones Panel
    • Spellbook
    • Household Collection
    • NAP Voting Panel
    • Achievements
    • Create-a-Sim

How to Install and Use UI Cheats Extension in The Sims 4

Fortunately, installing this extension is quick and straightforward as long as you can access the internet and your mods folder. Below is a complete step-by-step guide for downloading the UI cheats extension in The Sims 4:

  1. Step 1: Ensure the Mods Folder is Set Up
    • Before you begin, make sure that you have a Mods folder set up in your Sims 4 game directory. If you don’t have one, create a folder called “Mods” in the directory: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4.
  2. Step 2: Download the UI Cheats Extension Mod
    • Visit a trusted Sims 4 modding website that offers the UI Cheats Extension mod for download. Look for the latest version to ensure compatibility with your game version.
    • Once you find a suitable source, click on the download button for the mod file. It is recommended to save the file to your desktop or any easily accessible location.
  3. Step 3: Extract the Mod Files
    • Once the mod file is downloaded, you need to extract its contents. Right-click on the downloaded file and choose the “Extract” option. Select a location to extract the files, preferably inside your Mods folder.
    • After extraction, you should see a folder containing the mod files.
  4. Step 4: Copy the Mod Files
    • Open the extracted folder and locate the files with the “.package” extension. Select all these files and copy them (Ctrl+C).
  5. Step 5: Paste the Mod Files
    • Open your Mods folder, which should be located in your Sims 4 game directory (Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods). Paste the copied mod files in this folder (Ctrl+V).
  6. Step 6: Enable Custom Content and Mods
    • Launch The Sims 4 and go to the game options menu.
    • Navigate to the “Other” tab and make sure the “Enable Custom Content and Mods” option is checked.
    • Don’t forget to click “Apply Changes” to save the settings.
  7. Step 7: Verify Mod Installation
    • Restart The Sims 4 and load any saved game or start a new one.
    • Open the cheat console by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C (or Command+Shift+C for Mac users) and type in “ui.toggle_cheats”. Press Enter to execute the command.
    • If the UI Cheats Extension mod is properly installed, you should see a UI window with various cheat options.
  8. Step 8: Using UI Cheats Extension
    • You can now access the UI cheats extension by navigating through the various UI panels mentioned in the table of contents. Each panel offers different cheats and options that can enhance your gameplay experience.

The Sims 4 UI Cheats Extension – Full UI Cheats List

The UI Cheats Extension mod provides an extensive list of cheat options and features to enhance your gameplay in The Sims 4. Here is a breakdown of the various panels and their associated cheats:

Needs Panel

  • Offers cheats related to fulfilling Sim’s needs, such as filling hunger, fun, energy, hygiene, bladder, social, and more.

Simology Panel

  • Provides cheats for modifying Sim’s traits, age, and aspirations, as well as skill levels and careers.


  • Allows you to adjust relationships between Sims, such as making them friends, enemies, romantic partners, or family members.

Skill Panel

  • Grants the ability to instantly level up or add skill points to various Sim skills, including logic, charisma, cooking, gardening, and more.

Career Panel

  • Enables cheats to advance or demote a Sim in their current career, change careers, and force a career to be active.

Aspirations Panel

  • Provides options to complete or reset aspirations, unlock reward traits, and change aspiration progress.

Social Groups Panel

  • Allows manipulation of social groups and enables joining or leaving certain groups.

Owned Businesses Panel

  • Offers control over owned businesses, including managing employees, changing perks, and instantly restocking items.

Money/Moodlet Counter

  • Allows adjustment of Sim’s funds and moodlet count.

Game Speed Controls

  • Lets you control the game speed, including pausing, speeding up, or slowing down time.

Sim Profile

  • Provides information about the current active Sim, including name, age, traits, and aspirations.

Event UI

  • Grants access to special events and holidays, enabling you to trigger or cancel them.

Buy/Sell Panel

  • Allows buying and selling objects at a discounted price or instantly.

Rewards Store

  • Gives access to the rewards store, where you can purchase various items and traits using satisfaction points.

Perk Purchase Panel (Retail Stores, Restaurants, Vet Clinics, Clubs)

  • Provides access to perks and abilities for business-related venues.

Perk Purchase Panel (Vampires, Spellcasters, Werewolves, Celebrities)

  • Gives access to perks and abilities specific to supernatural creatures and celebrities.

Milestones Panel

  • Enables milestone completion and reward unlocks for various aspects of gameplay.


  • Provides options for unlocking or learning spells for spellcasters.

Household Collection

  • Offers control over the household collection progress and unlocks.

NAP Voting Panel

  • Allows voting for neighborhood action plans (NAPs) in specific expansion packs.


  • Grants achievement-related cheats, such as completing or resetting specific achievements.


  • Enables cheats for creating and modifying Sims in the Create-a-Sim mode, including unlocking all clothing and customization options.

With the UI Cheats Extension mod installed, you have access to a plethora of cheat options that enhance your gameplay and make it more enjoyable. Explore the different panels to experiment with different cheats and discover new possibilities in The Sims 4.