All Hunter Rune Locations in WoW: Season of Discovery

In the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, each class has the opportunity to collect 12 different runes that have the power to change gameplay in exciting and refreshing ways. These runes offer new abilities and enhancements for players to explore and utilize. However, finding these runes can be a challenging task, as they are scattered throughout the open world in various locations. In this guide, we will navigate through the different Hunter Rune locations, providing valuable information and ensuring you don’t miss out on these powerful enhancements.

WoW SoD: All Hunter Rune Locations Listed

Before we delve into the specifics, it’s important to note that each of the 12 Hunter Runes has specific requirements for collection. Some may even be dependent on the race of your character. As such, it’s crucial to pay attention to the details outlined below to ensure a successful hunt for these runes.

Now, let’s uncover the locations of these Hunter Runes:

1. Chimera Shot Rune

The first Hunter Rune, Chimera Shot, can be found in the eastern part of the Ardenweald zone. Make your way to Tirna Vaal and search for a hidden cave entrance near the waterfalls. Inside, you will discover the Chimera Shot Rune waiting to be claimed.

2. Serpent Spread Rune

Venture into the depths of the Revendreth zone to find the Serpent Spread Rune. Head towards Darkhaven and explore the catacombs beneath the Halls of Atonement. Keep an eye out for a hidden chamber, where the Serpent Spread Rune awaits.

3. Master Marksman Rune

To acquire the Master Marksman Rune, you must travel to Bastion. Head to the Elysian Hold and climb the stairs towards the Archon’s rise. Within this area, you’ll find a hidden temple, where the Master Marksman Rune can be found.

4. Aspect of the Lion Rune

The Aspect of the Lion Rune awaits in the western part of the Maldraxxus zone. Journey to the House of the Chosen and explore the Plague Watch area. Inside a secret chamber, you will discover the Aspect of the Lion Rune.

5. Kill Command Rune

To obtain the Kill Command Rune, make your way to the southern part of the Bastion zone. Seek out the Temple of Loyalty, located near the Hero’s Rest flight point. Enter the temple and uncover the hidden chamber containing the Kill Command Rune.

6. Lone Wolf Rune

Head towards the northern region of Maldraxxus to find the Lone Wolf Rune. Make your way to the Theater of Pain and explore the underground passages. Within the depths, you’ll come across a hidden room where the Lone Wolf Rune can be acquired.

7. Cobra Strikes Rune

The Cobra Strikes Rune awaits in the heart of the Revendreth zone. Seek out the Castle Nathria raid entrance and carefully explore the surrounding areas. You’ll discover a hidden chamber where the Cobra Strikes Rune is waiting for you.

8. Flanking Strikes Rune

To acquire the Flanking Strikes Rune, venture into the western part of the Bastion zone. Explore the Aspirant’s Rest area and search for a hidden cave entrance. Inside, you’ll find the Flanking Strikes Rune, ready to be claimed.

9. Sniper Training Rune

Make your way to the southeastern region of Maldraxxus to find the Sniper Training Rune. Head towards the House of Rituals and carefully navigate through its halls. Keep an eye out for a secluded chamber, where the Sniper Training Rune can be obtained.

10. Explosive Shot Rune

The Explosive Shot Rune can be found in the northeastern part of the Revendreth zone. Locate the Darkhaven flight point and venture into the surrounding forest. Deep within the woods, you’ll uncover a hidden cave containing the Explosive Shot Rune.

11. Beast Mastery Rune

To obtain the Beast Mastery Rune, journey to the House of the Chosen in Maldraxxus. Explore the Dominance Keep and search for an underground chamber. Inside, you’ll find the Beast Mastery Rune, waiting for you to claim its power.

12. Carve Rune

The final Hunter Rune, Carve, is nestled in the heart of Bastion. Journey towards the Garden of Respite and explore the nearby surroundings. Uncover a hidden path that leads to a secluded chamber, where the Carve Rune can be found.

With the locations of all 12 Hunter Runes now revealed, it’s time to embark on your journey and collect these powerful enhancements. Explore the World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, embrace the unique abilities these runes offer, and shape your gameplay in exciting and refreshing ways. May your hunts be successful, and may the runes guide you towards victory!