Horizon Forbidden West

Official Horizon Board Game Explores Canon Events Leading up to Forbidden West

Guerrilla, the renowned game developer behind the popular Horizon franchise, has recently announced an exciting collaboration with Steamforged Games to create an immersive board game experience. Titled “Horizon Forbidden West: Seeds of Rebellion,” this tabletop adventure delves into the untold canon events that set the stage for Aloy’s epic journey through the blight-scarred lands of western America in the upcoming game, Horizon: Forbidden West.

A New Narrative

With an intriguing storyline set in the mysterious Forbidden West, “Seeds of Rebellion” introduces players to the warlike Tenakth clan and the emergence of a potential insurrection that threatens the already fragile peace between the Tenakth clans. As one to four players, participants take on the roles of Tenakth marshals, tasked with quelling the growing rebellion in a narrative-driven campaign.

Unveiling the Gameplay

In preparation for the Kickstarter campaign launch on November 21, the developers have planned a series of gameplay videos to provide players with a glimpse into the exciting challenges and unique mechanics of “Seeds of Rebellion.” While the board game is set before the events of Horizon: Forbidden West, it offers players a chance to explore and battle their way through a hostile setting, employing co-operative stealth, in-depth combat, and a vast array of abilities. The gameplay promises to deliver “life or death” quests that will shape the destiny of the Tenakth clan.

Collaboration and Canon Storytelling

Guerrilla and Steamforged Games have worked in close collaboration to craft a captivating canon story that expands the Horizon universe. Through this partnership, players gain unprecedented insights into the untold events that lead to Aloy’s extraordinary journey. By immersing themselves in this thrilling tabletop adventure, players can deepen their connection with the Horizon franchise and uncover hidden mysteries.

Impressive Miniatures and Compatibility

One of the highlights of “Seeds of Rebellion” is the inclusion of exquisitely crafted miniatures representing the formidable machines native to the Forbidden West. While details of the miniatures are still under wraps, an initial reveal showcases the impressive elephant-like tremortusk. Additionally, models from Steamforged Games’ original Horizon Zero Dawn board game will be compatible with this new tabletop experience, promising a seamless transition for fans who already own the previous version.

The Future of the Horizon Franchise

With the upcoming release of Horizon: Forbidden West on the horizon, the collaboration between Guerrilla and Steamforged Games offers fans an exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the lore and expand their gaming experience beyond the digital realm. The “Seeds of Rebellion” board game promises to captivate both avid Horizon enthusiasts and board game enthusiasts alike, as they embark on a thrilling adventure set in a rich and immersive world.