High on Knife DLC Review: Short, Entertaining, and Disappointing

After months of intense and serious gaming experiences, the release of High on Knife DLC for High on Life was a welcome return to the wacky and absurd. However, while it offered some laughs and amusing moments, this DLC was disappointingly short-lived, leaving me craving for more.

The focus of High on Knife centers around the character Knifey, a one-dimensional but comical companion in the High on Life universe. Knifey unexpectedly receives a message from his home planet and embarks on a low-stakes quest to reunite with his fellow knives. This journey takes players to Peroxis, a salt-covered desert planet inhabited by obnoxious and perpetually ill slugs. While Peroxis offers enjoyable moments, the story lacks cohesiveness and Knifey’s repetitive desire to stab everything becomes tiresome.

One of the most prominent issues with High on Knife DLC is its brevity. Just as I was beginning to feel absorbed into the world and reconnect with the gameplay mechanics, the credits rolled after a meager two hours of gameplay. Despite the option of engaging in side quests and collecting items, there was a lack of content to hold my interest. With only one new area to explore and minimal story development, High on Knife feels like an underwhelming add-on to an otherwise fun experience.

Despite its shortcomings, High on Life’s strength lies in its unique guns called Gatlians. These quirky firearms serve as reliable companions throughout the game, providing entertaining dialogue and adding depth to the shooting mechanics. In this DLC, players are introduced to new guns and abilities, such as B.A.L.L., a weapon operated by miniature aliens with a penchant for gibberish. While not all the new guns are as interesting as their predecessors, the additional abilities such as B.A.L.L.’s pinball-like functionality and Knifey’s chainsaw skill bring some excitement to the table. However, the limited time to truly explore and experiment with these new features leaves much to be desired.

In summary, High on Knife DLC offers a brief and amusing experience, but falls short in terms of story, length, and overall satisfaction. While the ridiculous and amusing antics of the High on Life universe are present, the lack of substantial content leaves players wanting more. Despite the enjoyable moments and the hilarity provided by the Gatlians, the brevity of the DLC and the underdeveloped story arc diminish the overall experience. As a fan of High on Life, I eagerly await the developer’s future endeavors but hope for more substantial content in the next adventure.