How to Get the UC Antixeno Spacesuit in Starfield

In the vast universe of Starfield, one of the most sought-after treasures is the UC Antixeno Spacesuit. Not only does it boast an impressive and stylish design, but it also serves a purpose as a formidable defense against Terrormorph infestations and hostile fauna in the game. If you’re eager to obtain this powerful armor, follow our comprehensive guide below.

Join the UC Vanguard and embark on a quest

To begin your journey towards acquiring the UC Antixeno Spacesuit, you must first enlist with the UC Vanguard faction. The UC Vanguard is an esteemed organization known for its expertise in dealing with extraterrestrial threats. Once you’ve joined their ranks, it’s time to progress through their questline until you reach the mission titled “Hostile Intelligence.”

Visit Londinion on Toliman II

After receiving the “Hostile Intelligence” mission, your next destination is Londinion, a city located on Toliman II in the Toliman Star System. Here, you will meet Hadrian, your guide and companion throughout this adventure. Make your way to Forward Base 441, where you’ll find Saira Hatoum, the commanding officer. It is crucial to speak with her as she holds the key to unlocking the armory.

Unlock the armory and claim your rewards

Once you’ve established contact with Saira Hatoum, she will grant you access to the armory at Forward Base 441. This is where you’ll find both the UC Antixeno Spacesuit and the X-989 Microgun, powerful tools that will aid you in your battle against the Terrormorph infestations and other threats lurking in the game.

Prepare for the challenges ahead

Now that you have equipped the UC Antixeno Spacesuit and the X-989 Microgun, it’s crucial to understand their capabilities fully. The UC Antixeno Spacesuit offers enhanced protection and mobility, making it your best defense against hostile fauna. The X-989 Microgun, on the other hand, boasts immense firepower, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.

Dominate the Terrormorph infestations

Armed with your new gear, it’s time to confront the Terrormorph infestations head-on. These dangerous creatures pose a significant threat to both you and the galaxy at large. Utilize the UC Antixeno Spacesuit’s protective abilities to fend off their attacks, while using the X-989 Microgun to eliminate them with precision. Remember, strategy and timing are crucial in overcoming these formidable foes.

Keep progressing through the UC Vanguard questline

Earning the UC Antixeno Spacesuit is just the beginning of your journey in Starfield. To truly master the game and unlock its full potential, continue progressing through the UC Vanguard questline. The faction offers numerous missions and challenges that will test your skills and provide you with valuable rewards and experiences.

The UC Antixeno Spacesuit is a game-changer in Starfield, providing both protection and offensive capabilities against Terrormorph infestations and hostile fauna. By joining the UC Vanguard and embarking on their questline, you can obtain this powerful armor and unlock new possibilities within the game. So gear up, face the challenges, and conquer the universe with the UC Antixeno Spacesuit!

Remember, the world of Starfield is vast and ever-evolving, offering endless adventures and treasures to discover. Embrace the thrill and immerse yourself in this epic journey, leaving your mark as a space explorer like no other.