How to Get the Street Sweeper in Starfield

Are you an aspiring space explorer in Starfield searching for a powerful early-game weapon? Look no further than the Street Sweeper, a formidable sidearm that can deal massive damage in a short span of time. With the vast array of unique weapons available in Starfield, tracking down the Street Sweeper may seem like a daunting task. However, obtaining this coveted weapon is relatively straightforward and accessible, even for low-level players.

Where to Get Street Sweeper in Starfield

To acquire the Street Sweeper, you’ll need to complete the final Striker mission, known as “The Showdown.” Begin by visiting Madame Sauage’s Place in Neon City, where the Strikers have set up their temporary headquarters. Once there, engage in conversation with one of the faction members to join their gang, thus initiating your journey to obtain the Street Sweeper.

Joining the Strikers

To embark on this mission, it is crucial to join the Strikers faction. Madame Sauage’s Place serves as their base of operations within Neon City. As you arrive, take the time to locate and converse with one of the faction members, expressing your interest in joining the Strikers. These individuals will provide you with relevant information and instructions on kickstarting your journey.

Completing “The Showdown” Mission

Upon successfully joining the Strikers, you will gain access to their ranks and be tasked with completing the challenging “The Showdown” mission. This mission serves as the final hurdle standing between you and the coveted Street Sweeper. Equip yourself with determination, skills, and suitable gear before venturing into this perilous undertaking.

“The Showdown” mission will take you through a series of intense encounters and challenges. Each step will test your mettle and showcase your prowess in combat. Pay close attention to the mission objectives and follow the guidance provided by your fellow Striker gang members. Their guidance will prove invaluable as you navigate through the various stages of this mission.

Overcoming Obstacles

Throughout “The Showdown,” you will encounter formidable adversaries and daunting obstacles. Stay focused, make good use of cover, and employ strategic combat tactics to overcome the challenges that come your way. Remember, the Street Sweeper awaits those who prove their worth and tenacity in the face of adversity.

Rewards of “The Showdown”

Successfully completing “The Showdown” mission will not only grant you the highly sought-after Street Sweeper but also bestow upon you a sense of accomplishment and pride. With your new sidearm in hand, you will gain a significant advantage in combat scenarios, making the subsequent missions in Starfield more manageable.

Mastering the Street Sweeper

To fully harness the potential of the Street Sweeper, it is essential to familiarize yourself with its unique features and capabilities. Take the time to experiment with different firing modes and customize the weapon to suit your playstyle. The Street Sweeper’s high damage output and versatility make it a valuable asset in various combat situations.

Obtaining the Street Sweeper in Starfield is a rewarding endeavor that showcases your dedication and skills as a space explorer. By joining forces with the Strikers and emerging victorious in the challenging “The Showdown” mission, you will unlock this powerful sidearm and elevate your combat capabilities. Arm yourself with courage, embark on this thrilling quest, and claim the Street Sweeper as your own in the immersive world of Starfield.