Starfield, the highly anticipated space-exploration video game, offers an exciting array of powerful sidearms for players to discover and wield. Among these formidable weapons is the legendary Spacer, a particle beam pistol that can take down even the toughest adversaries with its explosive firepower. In this guide, we will explore how to obtain The Spacer in Starfield and unleash its devastating potential.

Where to Find The Spacer in Starfield

To procure The Spacer, players must venture to Arboron, a bustling city located within the neon-lit streets of Neon City. Within the lobby of Ryujin Towers, a renowned establishment in Arboron, lies the perfect destination to acquire this unique and sought-after weapon.

Purchasing The Spacer

Acquiring The Spacer is a straightforward process that won’t break the bank. While this powerful sidearm boasts immense capabilities, it comes at an affordable price. Players can make The Spacer their own by parting with approximately 13,400 credits—an investment that is well worth the incredible power held within this compact weapon.

Unleashing The Spacer’s Potent Power

Once in possession of The Spacer, players gain access to a devastating particle beam pistol that possesses remarkable firepower. The Spacer has the capacity to neutralize tough opponents, such as the notorious Crimson Fleet pirates, efficiently with just a single or two well-placed shots.

Tips for Maximizing The Spacer’s Effectiveness

To fully utilize the potential of The Spacer in Starfield, follow these tips:

  1. Precision Aims: The Spacer’s power lies in its precision. Take aim carefully and line up shots to ensure maximum impact. A single well-aimed shot can eliminate enemies swiftly.

  2. Upgrades and Modifications: Explore options to enhance The Spacer’s performance further. Seek out reputable weapon modders in Neon City who can augment The Spacer with advanced enhancements, such as increased damage output or improved energy efficiency.

  3. Weapon Mastery: Invest time in honing your skills with The Spacer. Practice regularly to improve your accuracy and reaction time, allowing you to swiftly switch to this powerful sidearm when the situation demands it.

  4. Strategic Use: The Spacer’s versatile nature enables players to adapt to various combat scenarios. Utilize it as a backup weapon when your primary arsenal is depleted or as a surprise element to catch opponents off guard.

In the vast expanse of Starfield, The Spacer emerges as a must-have sidearm for space-faring explorers. Its explosive power, coupled with its accessibility in Neon City’s Ryujin Towers, makes it a formidable addition to any adventurer’s arsenal. With careful aim and mastery, The Spacer can turn the tide of battle and ensure victory against even the most formidable adversaries. So, gear up, head to Arboron, and claim The Spacer to embark on an extraordinary journey through Starfield’s immersive universe.