How to Get Solace in Starfield

Are you a fan of Starfield and looking to add the unique Solace pistol to your inventory? This guide will walk you through the steps to obtain Solace, the highly coveted Urban Eagle pistol in the game. As an in-game item known for its power and rarity, acquiring Solace requires a bit of effort and dedication. So, let’s dive into the details on how you can get your hands on this exceptional weapon.

Working for Galbank

To acquire Solace in Starfield, you’ll need to work for Galbank, one of the most prominent financial institutes in the Settled Systems. Galbank is located in New Atlantis, and your journey to obtain Solace begins here. Galbank plays a significant role in the game, and you will be tasked with collecting unpaid debts from various characters scattered throughout the galaxy.

Collecting Debts and Assisting Characters

As a Galbank employee, your main objective is to pick up old debts and help characters in need. One such character is the Delinquent Mercenary. By assisting the Delinquent Mercenary and paying off his debt, you will be rewarded with the unique Solace pistol.

Throughout your adventure, you’ll encounter numerous debtors and individuals with unresolved financial obligations. Engage with these characters, fulfill their requests, and settle their debts to progress in obtaining Solace. Explore different planets and interact with a diverse cast of characters to unlock this exceptional weapon.

Skilled Negotiation and Intense Combat

Working for Galbank is not an easy task. You’ll likely have to face off against ne’er-do-wells and engage in challenging combat scenarios. As you progress through the missions, be prepared for intense battles and utilize your negotiation skills to successfully collect outstanding debts.

Stay vigilant and hone your combat abilities as you overcome obstacles, defeat adversaries, and bring solace to the debt-ridden individuals you encounter. Through determination and skill, you’ll gradually edge closer to possession of the powerful Solace pistol.

Unlocking the Urban Eagle - Solace

Solace, the unique Urban Eagle pistol, is a weapon desired by many in Starfield. Owing to its exceptional stats and specialized design, obtaining Solace adds a significant advantage to your arsenal. This high-powered firearm is sure to make a difference in your battles against formidable foes within the game.

The unique attributes of the Urban Eagle - Solace make it a standout choice among other weapons. Its precision, damage output, and sleek aesthetics make it a prized possession for any player. This rare find showcases the attention to detail and thought put into the weapon selection in Starfield.

In summary, acquiring Solace, the distinctive Urban Eagle pistol in Starfield, requires working for Galbank and immersing yourself in the world of debt collection. Engage with characters, pay off debts, and conquer challenging combat encounters to progress towards unlocking this extraordinary weapon. With Solace in your possession, you’ll have a powerful tool to aid you in your adventures throughout the galaxy. So, embrace the challenge, and embark on the journey to obtain Solace in Starfield!