How to Get a Scan Jammer on Your Ship in Starfield

Upgrading your ship in Starfield is crucial to surviving and thriving in the game. While there are numerous choices to make when it comes to ship customization, one often overlooked yet essential ship part is the Scan Jammer. If you’re planning to delve into the world of illicit activities and secure some valuable contraband, having a Scan Jammer on your ship can prove to be invaluable. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can acquire a Scan Jammer for your ship in Starfield.

Where to Get a Scan Jammer in Starfield

There are two primary methods to obtain a Scan Jammer for your ship in Starfield: stealing a ship or purchasing one from a Ship Services Technician.

Stealing a Ship

Stealing a ship that already has a Scan Jammer installed is undoubtedly a risky and adventurous route to acquire this valuable ship part. However, it can be an exhilarating experience for players who enjoy the thrill of uncertainty. When attempting to steal a ship, you are at the mercy of RNG (Random Number Generator), which determines whether a ship possesses a Scan Jammer or not.

To increase your chances of finding a ship equipped with a Scan Jammer, you’ll need to engage in the act of piracy. Launch boarding operations against other vessels and commandeer them if they meet your requirements. Inspect each stolen ship to see if it has a Scan Jammer. Be prepared for multiple attempts, as securing a ship with a Scan Jammer is reliant on luck and perseverance.

Purchasing from a Ship Services Technician

If you prefer a more straightforward and reliable approach, purchasing a Scan Jammer from a Ship Services Technician is the way to go. Ship Services Technicians can be found in various star systems or spaceports. These technicians specialize in ship upgrades and modifications, making them the go-to source for acquiring a Scan Jammer.

Visit a Ship Services Technician in a starport and inquire about purchasing a Scan Jammer for your ship. Depending on the availability and demand in the specific star system, the price and accessibility of the Scan Jammer may vary. Ensure you have enough credits to make the purchase, as these valuable ship parts come at a considerable cost.

Benefits of Having a Scan Jammer

Once you have successfully obtained a Scan Jammer for your ship in Starfield, you can enjoy a range of benefits:

Increased Stealth and Secrecy

The primary function of a Scan Jammer is to disrupt or scramble incoming scans from other ships or factions. This feature provides you with increased stealth and secrecy during illegal operations. With a Scan Jammer, traveling undetected becomes significantly easier, reducing the chances of attracting unwanted attention from authorities or rival factions.

Evasion of Security Measures

In Starfield, various factions and organizations maintain security measures to identify and apprehend individuals involved in illegal activities. These security measures often include advanced scanning systems to inspect incoming ships. By equipping your ship with a Scan Jammer, you can effectively evade these security measures, making it harder for them to detect any illicit cargo or activities on board.

Access to Lucrative Contraband

Having a Scan Jammer on your ship opens up opportunities to engage in the smuggling and transportation of contraband items. Scan Jammers prevent accurate identification and classification of cargo by disrupting scanning technology. This ability allows you to transport valuable contraband without raising suspicion, increasing your profits and making you a sought-after trader in the underworld.

Acquiring a Scan Jammer for your ship in Starfield is crucial if you aim to engage in illegal activities and profit from contraband trading. Whether you choose to steal a ship or purchase one from a Ship Services Technician, the benefits of having a Scan Jammer are undeniable. Increased stealth, evasion of security measures, and access to lucrative contraband are the advantages that await those who equip their ships with this essential device. So embark on this exciting quest to enhance your ship and explore the thrilling depths of Starfield with your newfound advantage.