How to Get Quantum Essence in Starfield

If you’re venturing through the vast world of Starfield, you’ll come across numerous resources that might leave you wondering what to do with them. Among these resources, Quantum Essence stands out as a valuable material with various applications. In this guide, we will explore how to obtain Quantum Essence in Starfield and make the most of its potential.

Where to Find Quantum Essence in Starfield

Quantum Essence can be acquired by defeating Starborn enemies in Starfield. These adversaries can be encountered once you have unlocked new powers or upgraded your existing ones. Additionally, they can be found by locating Artifacts embedded within rocks on specific planets. You have two primary avenues to discover these valuable resources: through the main mission line or by undertaking the repeatable Power From Beyond mission.

Defeating Starborn Enemies

To acquire Quantum Essence, you will need to engage and defeat Starborn enemies. These enemies possess unique abilities and advanced combat techniques, so be prepared for challenging encounters. As you progress further into the game and unlock new powers, you’ll have a better chance of encountering these adversaries. Engage them in combat and emerge victorious to claim their Quantum Essence as your reward.

Exploring Planets for Artifacts

Another way to obtain Quantum Essence is by exploring different planets and discovering Artifacts within rocks. These Artifacts can hold valuable resources, including Quantum Essence. When exploring planets in Starfield, keep an eye out for rocks that appear out of the ordinary or bear unique markings. Use your exploration skills to interact with these rocks and retrieve any Artifacts they may contain. Extracting Artifacts requires careful attention and problem-solving skills, as some rocks may require specific actions to reveal their hidden treasures.

Bonus Tip: Repeatable Power From Beyond Mission

For dedicated adventurers seeking an additional opportunity to collect Quantum Essence, the repeatable Power From Beyond mission can prove to be fruitful. This mission offers a chance to encounter Starborn enemies and obtain Quantum Essence as a reward. By completing this mission repeatedly, you can increase your chances of acquiring more Quantum Essence to further enhance your crafting and gameplay experiences.

Utilizing Quantum Essence

Now that you’ve acquired Quantum Essence, you might be wondering how to make the most of this valuable resource. Quantum Essence is primarily used in crafting recipes for advanced weapons and armor. To unlock these recipes, you will need to progress further into the game and discover new crafting blueprints or encounter NPCs who can provide you with such knowledge. Once you have obtained the necessary blueprints, combine Quantum Essence with other materials to craft powerful and unique gear that will aid you in your journey through Starfield.

Obtaining Quantum Essence in Starfield is a rewarding endeavor that unlocks immense crafting potential. By defeating Starborn enemies and discovering Artifacts on various planets, you can amass a significant amount of Quantum Essence. Utilize this precious resource wisely in your crafting endeavors to create formidable weapons and armor. Now equipped with the knowledge of how to obtain Quantum Essence, venture forth into the captivating world of Starfield and become a powerful force to be reckoned with.