How to Get All Prime Relics for Masseter Prime in Warframe

Warframe’s Abyss of Dagath update has brought forth exciting additions to the game, including the opportunity to acquire the Masseter Prime. As Grendel’s signature weapon, the Masseter Prime offers a more regal appearance and improved stats compared to its regular counterpart. Additionally, two other weapons have received their prime versions alongside Grendel. In this guide, we will delve into how to obtain all Prime Relics for the Masseter Prime in Warframe.

Every Prime Relic for Masseter Prime in Warframe

To collect all the necessary parts for building the Masseter Prime, you’ll need to obtain three different Prime Relics. These relics contain the crucial components, namely the handle, blueprint, and blade. Let’s take a closer look at each of these relics:

  1. ** - This relic contains the handle for the Masseter Prime. It can be acquired through various missions and activities within Warframe. Keep an eye on Void Fissures, Syndicate missions, and even Baro Ki’Teer’s inventory for a chance to obtain this relic.

  2. ** - The blueprint for the Masseter Prime is embedded within this relic. Similar to the handle relic, you can find it by participating in Void Fissures and Syndicate missions. Keep an eye on the Void Trader’s offerings as well, as he occasionally brings relics with prime blueprints for sale.

  3. ** - This relic holds the blade needed to complete the Masseter Prime. Look for opportunities to obtain it by participating in Void Fissures, exceptional bounties, and exciting quests within the game.

Tips for Farming Prime Relics

Now that you know which Prime Relics to target, here are some useful tips to aid you in your farming endeavors:

  1. Void Fissures - Participate in Void Fissure missions as they offer a chance to earn Prime Relics. These missions occur regularly and can be accessed through the navigation menu. Coordinate with other players to increase your chances of radiant relic drops.

  2. Syndicate Missions - Syndicate missions not only provide reputation points but also have a chance to reward Prime Relics upon completion. Complete these missions regularly to increase your chances of acquiring the required relics.

  3. Baro Ki’Teer - The Void Trader, Baro Ki’Teer, appears at regular intervals with his own unique inventory. He occasionally offers Prime Relics for sale, making him an excellent resource for obtaining specific relics you may be missing.

  4. Relic Refinement - Refining your relics can increase the chances of obtaining rare prime parts. Use Void Traces, obtained by completing Void Fissure missions, to refine your relics to Radiant or Exceptional levels for improved rewards.

  5. Exceptional Bounties - Participate in exceptional bounties to earn rewards, including various Prime Relics. These bounties usually require a higher level of difficulty but can offer valuable rewards for your efforts.

  6. Trade with Other Players - If you struggle to acquire a specific relic, consider trading with other players within the Warframe community. Use the in-game trading chat or join dedicated trading platforms to find players who may have the relics you need.

  7. Exciting Quests - Keep an eye out for quests and events within Warframe that offer Prime Relics as rewards. Engaging in these quests not only provides an entertaining experience but also grants you a chance to obtain the relics required for Masseter Prime.

By following these strategies and being persistent in your pursuit, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining all the necessary Prime Relics for the coveted Masseter Prime in Warframe.

Remember to strategize your relic runs, coordinate with fellow Tenno, and keep an eye on Baro Ki’Teer’s offerings to maximize your chances of acquiring Masseter Prime relics. Good luck on your journey to acquire this powerful melee weapon!