How to Get Peacemaker in Starfield

If you’re a fan of role-playing games and enjoy the thrill of playing a sheriff in the wild frontiers of Freestar Collective space, then obtaining the right weapons is crucial for an immersive experience. One such weapon is the Peacemaker rifle, known for its high damage output, sizeable build, and exceptional accuracy. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to get the Peacemaker in Starfield so that you can enhance your gameplay and embrace the role of a skilled law enforcer.

Where to Get Peacemaker in Starfield

To acquire the Peacemaker rifle in Starfield, you need to embark on a series of side quests at Eleos Retreat, situated on the planet Ixyll II. This retreat serves as a hideout for criminals who seek a fresh start in life. By offering your assistance and completing the questline, you’ll earn the gratitude of the refuge’s benefactor, who will reward you with the coveted Peacemaker Armor Set and Peacemaker Rifle.

The Eleos Retreat is a secluded haven for outlaws, and its location on Ixyll II provides a perfect cover for their operations. As you enter this hidden sanctuary, you’ll find numerous opportunities to engage in exciting side quests, each bringing you closer to your goal of acquiring the Peacemaker rifle.

The primary objective of these side quests is to help the refuge’s benefactor establish a successful and sustainable community. You’ll encounter various challenges, including assisting with resource management, resolving internal conflicts, and ensuring the safety of the inhabitants. As you prove your worth and dedication to the cause, the benefactor will entrust you with the Peacemaker Armor Set and Rifle as a token of appreciation.

Tips for Completing the Side Quests

While undertaking the side quests at Eleos Retreat, it’s essential to keep a few tips in mind to maximize your chances of success:

  1. Follow the questline: Pay close attention to the questline’s progression and ensure you complete each task assigned to you. This will lead you closer to the ultimate reward of obtaining the Peacemaker rifle.

  2. Speak to the NPCs: Interact with the non-playable characters (NPCs) in the Eleos Retreat community. They might provide valuable information, useful hints, or offer additional quests that could unlock further opportunities to earn rewards.

  3. Explore and gather resources: Take the time to explore the surroundings of Eleos Retreat. Gather resources, search for hidden treasures, and undertake minor tasks that could bolster your reputation within the community.

  4. Stay vigilant: As a sheriff in the wild frontiers, dangers lurk around every corner. Stay alert and be prepared to handle unexpected confrontations. Your skills and ability to protect the community will play a significant role in earning the trust of the benefactor and securing the Peacemaker rifle.

Unleash the Power of the Peacemaker

Once you’ve successfully completed the side quests and earned the Peacemaker rifle, it’s time to unleash its true potential. This formidable weapon provides high damage output, making it a force to be reckoned with in combat situations. Its accuracy allows for precise targeting, ensuring that your shots hit the mark with deadly precision.

To fully harness the power of the Peacemaker rifle, consider the following tips:

  1. Upgrade the rifle: As you progress through the game, look for opportunities to upgrade the Peacemaker rifle. Enhancements such as improved scopes, increased magazine capacity, or enhanced ammunition can significantly boost its performance and make it even deadlier in combat.

  2. Master your aim: Take the time to practice and improve your aiming skills with the Peacemaker rifle. Its accuracy can give you the edge in long-range engagements, allowing you to dispatch enemies with ease.

  3. Exploit its range: The Peacemaker’s range is one of its greatest assets. Utilize its long-distance capabilities to engage enemies from a safe distance and minimize the risk of retaliation.

  4. Pair it with suitable gear: Consider complementing the Peacemaker rifle with appropriate armor and accessories. This will enhance your overall combat effectiveness and ensure you’re well-prepared to face any challenges that come your way.

By following these tips and making the most of the Peacemaker rifle’s capabilities, you’ll establish yourself as a formidable force in Starfield’s wild frontiers.

Obtaining the Peacemaker rifle in Starfield is a thrilling endeavor that adds depth and excitement to your role-playing experience. The journey through the side quests at Eleos Retreat on Ixyll II is rewarding in itself, but the ultimate prize of the Peacemaker Armor Set and Rifle makes it all the more worthwhile. Embrace the role of a sheriff, complete the quests, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Starfield as you wield the powerful Peacemaker rifle.