How to Get Magnetic Rails in Starfield: Unlock and Craft Weapon Mod

In Starfield, weapon modifications play a vital role in enhancing the performance of your favorite guns. Among these modifications, Magnetic Rails stand out as one of the most exciting barrel weapon mods available. However, discovering how to acquire Magnetic Rails can be a bit elusive for players. But fret not, as this guide will walk you through the process of obtaining Magnetic Rails in Starfield.

Unlocking Magnetic Rails: The Barrel Mods 2 Task

Similar to other weapon modifications like Depleted Uranium Rounds, Magnetic Rails can be obtained through the Weapon Workbench. However, before you can craft this weapon mod, you need to unlock the corresponding research task, known as the Barrel Mods 2.

The Barrel Mods 2 task is essential as it grants you access to Magnetic Rails and allows you to use them in customizing your firearms. To unlock this task, you will need to meet specific requirements set within the game, such as progressing through certain levels, completing side quests, or achieving specific objectives.

How to Progress with Barrel Mods 2

To progress with the Barrel Mods 2 task and unlock Magnetic Rails, you should focus on advancing through the game by completing missions, quests, and challenges. Additionally, interacting with non-playable characters (NPCs) within the game can also provide valuable hints and guidance on unlocking this research task.

Engaging in side quests or special missions related to weapon modification can often yield the necessary prerequisites for accessing the Barrel Mods 2 task. Pay close attention to dialogue interactions and explore different areas in the game to gather vital information or trigger events that can lead you closer to unlocking this valuable research.

Research and Development: Crafting Magnetic Rails

Once you have successfully unlocked the Barrel Mods 2 task, you can proceed to craft Magnetic Rails for your firearms. Head to the Weapon Workbench and search for the Magnetic Rails option under the barrel modifications category.

Crafting Magnetic Rails will require specific materials or resources, which you can acquire by exploring the game world, defeating enemies, completing quests, or trading with NPCs. Ensure that you have gathered the necessary components before attempting to craft Magnetic Rails to avoid any unnecessary delays or setbacks.

Maximize the Potential of Magnetic Rails

Now that you have acquired Magnetic Rails and integrated them into your weapon of choice, it’s time to harness their full potential. Magnetic Rails can significantly enhance the stats and functionality of your firearms, providing you with a distinct advantage in combat situations.

Experiment with different firearms and attachments to discover the optimal combinations for your playstyle. Magnetic Rails work particularly well with certain types of firearms, so consider their compatibility and synergies while customizing your loadout.

Unlocking and crafting Magnetic Rails in Starfield opens up new possibilities in terms of weapon customization and gameplay. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to access this powerful weapon modification and utilize it to enhance your combat prowess in the game. Remember to prioritize completing the necessary research task and gather the required materials to effectively craft Magnetic Rails for your firearms. Now, go out there and conquer the stars with your upgraded arsenal in Starfield!